Peach Fuzz (1976)

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4 July 2010 | Michael_Elliott
Can Someone Loan Them a Light?
Peaches 'n Cream (1976)

* (out of 4)

Also known as GEORGIA PEACH, PEACH FUZZ, PEACHES and I'm sure many other titles. No matter what you call this thing the end result is going to be an extremely poor movie that was probably thrown together by some friends who just wanted to have sex. The film tells the "story" of a peach from Georgia who winds up in Hollywood to meet stars but instead she just runs into pimps who abuse her before passing her around to their friends. The only story here is that dumb blonde gets passed around. This bump 'n grind flick has very little going for it and the thing is so cheaply made that I'd be shocked if someone told me it cost more than a thousand bucks. Even the bump 'n grind crowd will probably be disappointed in this thing because it seems most of the scenes were filmed in some dark dungeon that doesn't allow you to even see what's going on. There must not have been any budget for lighting because there is none and this really effects things because you can't see anything. Since you can't see anything it also doesn't help that there's absolutely no story to follow and the screenwriters could even bother throwing in a few jokes here and there about this dumb woman being taken advantage of. The performances are bad, the directing bad and just about everything else is as well. A pretty worthless film no matter what you're wanting from it.