Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl (1975)

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13 October 2015 | lor_
Dispensable porn artifact
This soft-core porn film, rescued (not entirely) from oblivion by Alpha Blue Archives, takes its title from the pirated song playing on the soundtrack. It falls into the category of lifestyle porn, depicting the morays of an era that can now be viewed nostalgically from a distance.

The problem is that the anonymous filmmakers (and equally unknown cast) bring no artistry, style or even ideas to the project. So the modern viewer is not likely to derive anything from investing the time to watch it.

Picure opens with guys in a Caddy convertible picking up two young schoolgirls to the sound of the Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want", first of many stolen recordings, any of which would have busted the budget had they been legitimately paid for.

What follows is various casts of people horsing around, living it up at a level that approximates the content of a "Girls Gone Wild" video. This then is a shot-on- film forerunner of the crap that passes for titillating entertainment in the decadent decades that have followed.

A Japanese couple makes love; a guy with a flashlight interrupts a duo's humping; there's a simulated blow job which seems to imply this was strictly a soft-core project; and to show how brain-dead the pornographers were, when the group goes to an arcade and plays pinball, the soundtrack features "Pinball Wizard" by The Who.

Two girls have mild lesbian sex in a bathtub, and a Black guy visits as folks swap partners. So we have the elements of a porno film, but without the payoff or any sort of construction. For example, the Black guy getting a blow job is photographed so that you can't see anything.

It's a mood of hedonism, befitting a movie that is dated 1975 in IMDb but which I would have estimated at approximately 1971. After the cast heads to the living room for a foursome comped by the Stones' "Not Fade Away", ABA's print ends mercifully in the middle of a scene.

Given current trends, expect a deluxe restoration from original materials by some outfit like Vinegar Syndrome - a complete waste of time given the project's low quality.




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