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  • The thing with Breaker High is that you can talk to many people (or more accurately, girls) in my age group and the majority of them will be able to tell you what they adored about the show. Being one of these girls, I literally grew up for the three years that this show ran, and was incredibly saddened by its departure. We could despise Cassidy (who we liked to say was far too thin), think that Tamira was positively adorable... Be in "love" with Max... and have a secret longing for Sean. (better recognized as Ryan Gosling). This show was funny, different than what we were used to, and really just rather addicting. One thing is... Why are there no DVDs?? Now THAT would be absolutely amazing.
  • sareidia10 October 1999
    Breaker High was one of the greatest teen shows that I have seen. The characters are easy to relate to, the plot lines are hilarious and it's just a great show all around. This show should never have been pulled off the air, but I am happy with watching the reruns over and over and over again.
  • What a blast it would've been going to school on a cruise ship and traveling the world...As a teen show Breaker High really was a breath of fresh air-it was funny, had quirky characters (Ryan Gosling's portrayal of Sean rocked da boat!), and it didn't take itself too seriously. It's well worth the watch if you ever get the chance to catch it. FYI: those of you living in Canada, YTV is presently re-airing episodes on weeknights.
  • I don't watch many Canadian shows 'cuz a lot of them are pretty crappy, but Breaker High was a lot of fun with an interesting premise and a talented cast. Ryan Gosling character was so funny, your garunteed to laugh when you watch this show.
  • This show was/is perfect for teen girls who like cute boys, the girls were kind of a let down, they didn't really set a good example for girls they were either letting the guys walk all over them or just plain being stupid. The combo of Shawn and Jimmy ( Ryan Gosling and Tyler Labine) were the prefect comic duo and the main reason to turn in just to see what mischief they got into. Eye candy Shawn, Scott and Kyle were just so cute. Teri Conn( Ashley)was a really boring stuck up beauty pageant snob who should have been left at one of the many ports that the ship sailed into. I think the role Denise ( Persia White) should have been developed just a little more. And finally Richard Ian Cox as the ships/school's entertainment director was perfect for that role.
  • Breaker High is the best show ever. The best actors, especially the comedic brilliance of Ryan Gosling and Tyler Labine.
  • I missed this show the first time around So I've been watching reruns on WAM because it is on before Young Hercules. I think it is good show and it can be very funny. Ryan Gosling is the funniest character in this show (my opinion) and it is well worth the 25 minutes. Very enjoyable.... :)
  • Young Ryan Gosling and his fellow cast mates do an excellent job portraying privileged, self-centred kids on a cruise ship. Not one of these brats would be worthy of a life preserver if they fell overboard, speaks to the strong writing and acting of this ensemble.
  • nicosachse-212778 February 2019
    This show was OK. Kind of stupid and the acting and writing were pretty bad but on the other hand it's just a dumb kids show about a school on a cruise ship so you can't expect too much.
  • jgoodhand3 February 2019
    This show was stupid and full of bad jokes. I mean a high school on a cruise ship? That's just stupid. Maybe a good movie but for a show it just blew chunks.
  • Breaker high is hilarious! i have been watching it since it first started and love it! a lot of the actors have gotten great recognition from working on breaker high and have moved on to bigger and brighter projects! really fun to watch and really enjoyable plots make it a great show all around! watch it if you can! you'll enjoy its cheesiness!
  • This show was so full of terrible actors I don't even know where to begin complaining. Every single one of them was so over the top and unbelievable as their characters. The characters were pretty shallow too though so the bad writing was probably a part of it. Really awful jokes and stupid stories with twists we could always see coming. Too bad because the premise was actually a pretty good one.
  • A group of teens board a cruise ship to travel around the world while attending high school on board. Tamira Goldstein (Rachel Wilson) is the shy quirky girl. Ashley Dupree (Terri Conn) is the southern belle. Alex Pineda (Kyle Alisharan) is the athlete. Denise Williams (Persia White) is the brain. Cassidy Cartwright (Wendi Kenya) is the tomboy. Sean Hanlon (Ryan Gosling) and Jimmy Farrell (Tyler Labine) are bumbling best friends. Max Ballard (Scott Vickaryous) is the moody son of the Captain. The kids deal with love and other issues as they stop at international spots all around the world.

    This is obviously a silly Canadian teen show. The 'exotic locations' are cheaply done. It's kind of campy. It's also pretty fun. Rachel Wilson is adorable. Gosling and Labine are fun idiots. The drawback in the show are the two hot guys who don't have as much charisma as everybody else. Overall, it's a fun but cheap show.
  • sugarbelle727 July 2002
    This show rules and I think Max and Tamira should get together. Jimmy is so funny. I really enjoy this show. Everyone should watch it.Its on weeknights at 10:30 pm pacific time its a little late but its right after radio active witch is a pretty cool show 2. O and its on YTV.