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  • Basic plot (for which you should be lucky to have, after all it is a porno flick):

    Kaylan's husband has passed away, and left her his money IF she is capable of not leaving the house to satisfy her nymphomaniac tendencies.

    She is fitted with a finder type thing on her ankle, which she does not have the brain power to take off and leave at home....

    Anyway, her stepson (North) is keen to make her as frustrated as possible, so that he can inherit the money when she leaves the house in order to have intercourse. So he starts by having his girlfriend in Kaylans bathroom, which seems to have the desired effect. He also leaves a naughty video (not unlike House Arrest) in her video recorder...

    Kaylan after a lesbian scene of tenderness and caring with a string of beads and her lawyer, sees the video and does not leave the house.

    North phones her and has sex with another girl so Kaylan can listen. Most people would report this to the authorities, but Kaylan just gets turned on...

    Anyway, she remembers the video scene where the plumber got it "good" and phones the pizza company.

    If you have ever delivered pizza to a gorgeous blonde, this is a must see!!!