Beth: He lusted after me, but I had to spurn his advances, because he's a himbo.

Bob: A what?

Beth: A male slut.

Bob: And you are - -?

Beth: Not a male slut!

Beth: "Gay weddings are so cool. You could have a totally kitschy reception."

Brendan: As they say, if you can't fall in love with your best friend, who can you fall in love with?

Bob: Who said that?

Brendan: Me.

Carol: The idea of me strutting up the aisle like some snowy white virgin is insane.

Sarah: Whaddya want me to say, that it's okay that Brendan's gay? I'm sorry but I'm not having a politically correct nervous breakdown.

Sarah: Where to now?

Bob: Oohh, Friday night Trax.

Sarah: Aw, no...

Eric: Bob, Sarah's, like, totally fag bashing.

Sarah: I'm so not fag bashing. Every time we went in college, I was the only woman.

Bob: No, Trax is mixed on Friday nights.

Sarah: Yea, gays AND lesbians.

Beth: Lesbians? Oooh, let's away...

Sterling Scott: [after Bob's and Brendan's night together is revealed] Bob?

Eric: Brendan...

Matt: Eric!

Aunt Alice: Brendan?

Carol: Sarah...

Sarah: Brendan?

Celia: Celia!

Beth: Matt?

Matt: Brendan...

Beth: Whoa!

[Sterling and Sarah faint]

Bob: You're terrible.

Sterling Scott: I'm just written that way.

Beth: Who cares? You've got Sterling, and that's a pretty great consolation prize.

Bob: Yeah, I know... but... sometimes, even with Sterling, I feel like I want to go for a brand new car.

Beth: One more chance at the Showcase Showdown of luuuve.

Bob: You know... give the big wheel one more spin... to see if for once I'm... lucky... and not just practical.

Beth: Bob?

Bob: Yeah?

Beth: I'd go for practical.

Bob: Really?

Beth: [nodding] I always tend to over bid in the first round.