Writer Cash Markman thought it was one of his funniest scripts, and he and director Scotty Fox had certainly had good fortune with mixing political satire with cartoon super-hero scenarios in the past. But Scotty was near the end of his career and rapidly losing his incentive to shoot 20 plus pages of script a day, along with numerous sex scenes. As a result, much of the story line was left untold, or marred by lack of camera coverage, poor sound, and unrehearsed actors. Legend Video was reluctant to release the movie and held onto it for nearly a year, a rare thing in the crank 'em out world of porn. Yet, when finally released in late summer, 1995, "Kia Unmasked" received rave reviews, not for the story, or humor, but for the sex. Scotty's editors, frustrated by the inconsistent coverage regarding the script, allowed the sex scenes to run unusually long for this era in adult movies when story was king. The movie clocked in at 2 hours, and the sexual couplings and energy were the things that seemed to be working well. Reaction was positive and "Kia Unmasked" placed in the Adult Video News Top 20 Sales chart for September 1995.