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  • Jim Enright outdoes himself with both visual and sexual style in this very arousing Jenna Jameson vehicle, a bit forgotten but worth revisiting.

    Structure has Jenna writing in her journal, recounting how she hit big in porn after making a key contact that put her on a path reminiscent of the title heroine of the French classic "Story of O".

    But it's not the story but rather the execution, in terms of set decoration, costuming and sexual choreography that sets "The Kiss" apart. Jenna in a red corset costume that juts her famous breasts out magnificently creates a memorable image and she is up to the task of portraying a neophyte centerpiece in a world of BDSM and fetish.

    Mike Horner presides over the decadent sex with skill, and the great Nancy Vee is perfect as his resident uppity dominatrix.