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  • Does everyone remember the obstacle course at the end? In one ear, out the other? Down the hatch, Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, The big wheel, Gumball machine, The big nose.

    Marc Summers - "We come over here to the Sunday Slide. Run up this platform filled with slippery gook as fast as you can. Once you get to the top slide down the other side. You'll land in this giant scoop of ice cream. But you don't have any time to waste. Stand up, grab that flag, and you could win this."

    Harvey "It's a trip to Universal Studios Florida. You and a guest will fly a round trip to Universal Studios where you'll stay at the luxurious Hyott. Hyatt - We Know Service. All this could be yours. Back to you Marc."
  • PowerPadMan11 December 2004
    This is one of the very few shows i've seen from the first episode, to the last episode (1993 Family Double Dare.). It's just that great! This form (The original.) is a great form, but can't hold a candle to the later versions of Double Dare. The physical challenges, though unique, felt like an old "Beat the Clock" episode. None were too messy, except for the egg stunts. The obstacle course on the other hand, was very messy and nothing will EVER hold a candle to it. That's why I think any form of Double Dare, is the best game show ever. And I haven't even talked about the greatness that is Harvey, Marc, Robin, and Dave! Marc Summers is easily the best host you can think of, and he knew when to act professional, and he knew when to act funny. Harvey was the perfect announcer, and it was fun seeing him act out a physical challenge or obstacle course (Sometimes with Marc!). Dave and Robin were also very funny! Anyone else remember the saga of "Hey!"?
  • I used to watch this show when I was a little girl. First off, I must say that it was a fun game show. Also, I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. However, I do remember the show very well. Every time I watched it, I had a lot of fun playing along and watching. This made me long to be a contestant. I hope the Nickelodeon Games and Sports Newtork keeps it on so I can keep watching and playing along. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever. Now, in conclusion, I hope that you catch this show one day before it goes off the air for good.
  • One of the earliest Nickelodeon game shows ever aired on TV, the show called "Double Dare" It is hosted by Marc Summers and announced by Harvey. Multiple versions of this show, makes the show even more fun. The only Double Dare show I watched as a kid was Double Dare 2000, (I was 7 at that time), as years go by, I started watching the original Double Dares to show how similar the other one is. The rules are simple and sometimes complex, either which team wins the beginning qualifier round, will get the money, and they will answer these questions, if they don't know the answer they've given, they can dare them for twice the amount, but if the other team double dares them back for 4 times the amount, they have to answer the question, or they can take a physical challenge, the challenges are 30 or 20 seconds long, if they succeed, they will get the money, however, if they do the challenge unsuccessfully, the other team takes the money, round 2 is nearly the same rules, but the money has been increased. In Double Dare 2000, in round 2, if they do the physical challenge, they would either take the "Triple Dare Challenge" to make things difficult. The prize was won if the team does it successfully. The final round of the Double Dares, is the Obstacle course, to make a messy routine, get slimed, and doing all this crazy stuff. In all 8 obstacles, there is a flag at the end, if they grab the flags, they will win prizes, if they reach the 8th obstacle and grabbed the last flag, they will win a vacation. The versions they had were Double Dare, Super Sloppy Double Dare, Family Double Dare, and Double Dare 2000.

    All these versions of Double Dare are awesome, they are must see shows on Nickelodeon.

    Double Dare gets 9 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember watching this show when I was younger on Nickelodeon. I loved it. My sister and I would watch this show everyday. I thought Marc Summers was a good host and I loved watching the different physical challenges and questions.

    The show consisted of two teams with silly names. They would answer a series of questions and if one team didn't know the answer they would dare the other team to answer it. If that team didn't know it, they would then double dare the other team back. Through the different dares the value of the money would go up. If a team got double dared and they did not know the answer they could take a physical challenge. The physical challenges were very fun to watch. At the end the winning team competed in an 8 step obstacle course with many different events to participate in. If they complete the different obstacles in sixty seconds they won a grand prize.

    Overall this was a very good game show and very fun to watch. I give "Double Dare" 10/10 stars!
  • If you are reading this, then that means that you have seen the show. And if you remember it like I did, you remember it as a fun show that just reminds you of being a kid. Always hoping the kids have no idea what the question is, so they will do a physical challenge. The best part would have to be the end, where they would go through the obstacle course and get the flags. (sniffle) Good times...
  • hellraiser711 February 2017
    This is another one of my favorite game shows of all time, it my third favorite; this was one of my childhood gems. Double Dare was just awesome because it was one of those game shows where not just kids but the whole family to anyone can actually play which was cool, when I watched this show I wanted to be in that show to play those games.

    I really love the atmosphere it is just colorful and just screams out fun which is exactly what the game is. The music is just great, I really love the theme song which is one of my favorites it just has that fun participator feel to it. And Marc Summer he is just a fantastic game show host, he just has this energy and charisma to him, what he just says just adds to the fun of the game. And there is this sense of participation, when I was watching I was always at the edge of my seat or jumping off it hoping one team or another win; sometimes I would yell out, "cmon put the petal to the metal" or "cmon get that damn flag" it was that much fun and that's a feeling I don't get often.

    Of course there are sometimes those heartbreaking moments when there are those close calls when one of the contestants would grab the flag but it would slip from their hand or they clear that last obstacle just a second too late. Yeah, that sucks but it's a game after all crap happens.

    The rules are simple, it's really all based on risk, hence it's name, where contestant had the option to answer as many trivia questions as they want to gain points, but it there is a question they can't answer they then have to say dare to pass the turn on to them and if they can't answer they say double dare which signals the physical challenge.

    And that is mainly what were hear for to see the contestants do those challenges which are just fantastic. Each of theme are always different, I love how colorful, creative, and crazy each of them are at times I still wonder where the hell they got the ideas. From catapulting frogs into some chemical container, making and packing fake pizza from a conveyor belt moving at turbo speed, you just have to see these things for yourself. And of course each of them are always messy as hell as there is just enough colored water and slime to fill an Olympic pool.

    In a way it sort of artistic expression as the mess really gives the show lots of color, but most importantly the fact that things are messy gives the show even more freedom where anyone can just have fun without restrictions.

    And of the course the payoff is the obstacle course which is just awesome. It's like the eliminator from "American Gladiators" as each obstacle is one different challenge after another, and each of the members have to clear them in a limited amount of time which really doesn't give them time to take a breath or think because these challenges are all about doing. The obstacles themselves are just as crazy and colorful as well, if surrealist painter Salvador Dali ever designed a playground for a park. There is a machine with fake foam gears that contestants have the squeeze though, sliding though a giant mouth, though my favorite is the slide where contestants slide though a spiral slide and plop down in a pool of slime; once again you just have to see it all yourself to believe it.

    The only bad thing is there is a challenge or two that is a bit too hard for it's own good. Mainly that damn giant pie obstacle where the contestant had to find that flag hidden inside before time runs out. That one I never felt was totally fair because that pie is just to darn big and all that gunk camouflages the flag, so anyone can miss it. Thankful in a season they did exclude that challenge.

    Double Dare is messy entertainment.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • Another game show I used to watch when I was a kid - a fun one where where two-member teams of children compete to answer questions and complete stunts, sometimes getting themselves dunked or splashed in slime and goo.

    Lots of exciting stuff to see here, from answering educational questions to passing through obstacles to avoid being slimed - all in a race to beat the clock.

    Host Marc Summers does a great job keeping the show energized, but displaying a professional yet cheerful demeanor with the kid contestants. Good show for the entire family.

    Grade A-
  • This show is OK but be is not Sliders.

    I wish this show was as good as Sliders I really do but the fact is, it is not. There is no sliding in this show from one dimension to another, there is no Professor, there is no Jerry O'Connell. This show has almost nothing to do with Sliders. It's really more of a game show for kids.

    The physical challenges are good, but not say as demanding as having to for example slide from one dimension to another, solve that world's problems, and then slide out again to another world.