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  • A real sleeper ! Just think about it : a seemingly run of the mill adult video, set in one of the genre's most hackneyed locations imaginable (a women's prison), helmed by a one shot (?) director no one's ever heard of and featuring a cast of lesser name performers. Nothing to get all worked up about, right ? Well, buckle up, Big Boy, because this particular bevy of babes behind bars is gonna take you for one hell of a ride !

    The basic set-up follows predictability by having innocent Isis Nile (before the "breast enhancement" that IMHO completely ruined her perfect frame) incarcerated for the disappearance and apparent murder of her husband. While attorney Randy West (like the Energizer bunny, this one just keeps on going') tries to piece together the puzzle on the outside, frequently distracted by his hot to trot legal partner Krista (oh man...), Isis has to adjust to life in prison with the help of sympathetic Sapphic sidekick Valeria.

    It's safe to say that it's not really the plot (which falls apart in the final reel) that pushes this one over the edge, though dialog is often surprisingly sharp and deftly handled by the (as it turns out) much better than average cast. The vastly underrated Crystal Wilder (NEW WAVE HOOKERS 3) hits the bull's eye as a hardened longterm inmate who finds herself falling for guard - and real life spouse - Terry Thomas. Another generally underestimated beauty, cool tall blonde Sahara Sands (DEADLY SIN), makes for a memorable wisecracking twosome with curvaceous Stacey Nichols (physically and temperamentally her opposite) as they take on guard Peter North, very much on THEIR terms ! Perhaps it's down to Ashwell's being new to the industry, but the sex ends up far more realistic and inspired than this genre has shown in a long time too, most encounters being credibly motivated (some clichés notwithstanding) and performed with passion rather than posing.