Steinkampf: A word of advice! I suggest you keep one last bullet in your pockets, not for your enemy, but for yourselves.

[Reciting from a book.]

Mackintosh: From little towns in a far land we came, to save our honor from a world of flame. In little towns in a far land we sleep, and trust that world we won, to you to keep.

[Last words.]

Julot: Alain, I was never paid to take a dive.

Guido Rosetti: I don't want to fight you!

Rolf Bruner: Yeah? But I do.

Abd El-Krim: For centuries my people have roamed across this land. It has always been our home. In our culture, a man who has courage is valued above all. For this reason, I will allow you to live. Take a message back to your leaders: this is what awaits them, if they continue invading our country!

Lucien Galgani: You will never see him again. If you try running once more, you're dead.

[Galgani offers Alain a bribe to lose his next boxing match.]

Alain Lefevre: I don't crash the canvas for anyone.

Lucien Galgani: You fight for me, or you never fight again.

[The legionnaires set out on their long march across the desert.]

Guido Rosetti: Hey Alain, how far you think this fort is, eh?

Alain Lefevre: I don't know, Guido.

Guido Rosetti: What do you think, Mac?

Mackintosh: [irritated] About a mile closer than the last time you asked.

Alain Lefevre: It's good to see an old face. Even as ugly as yours.

Viktor: [smirks] Still a comedian.

Alain Lefevre: The Legion is a family!

Luther: I came out here to find a life. Now I realize I've been looking in the wrong place. It ain't out here.

[puts hand over heart]

Luther: It's in here.

[In the boxing ring, Julot prepares to knock out Alain.]

Julot: Galgani controls your world now! Any last words?

[Alain suddenly counterattacks and knocks out Julot.]

Alain Lefevre: I changed my mind.

Alain Lefevre: When I first joined the Foreign Legion, I didn't care if I lived or died. Now that you're here, I think I'll stick around.

Recruiting Sergeant: So, you come with a mission? Or you come by mistake?

Recruiting Sergeant: There are only three ways you can return to France. One, fulfill your contract. Two, disability. And three, in a box!

Lucien Galgani: Excuse me, Mr. Lefevre, but I never do business in the presence of the female gender.

[The ambush at the waterhole concludes as the Rifs withdraw.]

Luther: It's over!

Mackintosh: No. It's just beginning.

[Mackintosh and Luther are looking out across the desert.]

Luther: One big, empty country.

Mackintosh: Big it is, but I promise you, empty it is not. They're out there. Waiting, watching. Planning on when and how they're going to kill us. We're the intruders, Luther. It's their country. And every man, woman, and child will give up their lives before they give themselves up to us.