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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is my 7th Toni English movie and this one is really excellent: Dyanna has never been so beautiful and never been so lusty: all the action takes place in a party done in a luxurious white mansion (the same used in WTBA 11) and Dyanna plays a wife who has fun with several guests (2 straight and one lesbian scene). I can't explain why but seeing this Dyanna in dark, blue dresses that she put down easily or making a strip-tease and getting done in a shower or by a strap-on are totally exquisite: maybe i'm wrong but she seems to really enjoy those pick ups! Here her partners are also very enjoyable (Missy, Felecia and Jenteal) and it was pretty good to see St. Croix being punched while playing an abusive, uncool husband!