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  • Spyforce was a strong Australian WW2 spy/action series, with exciting scripts and a good cast. What made it stand out was the two lead characters - Jack Thompson as the archetypal Aussie and Peter Sumner as his German-born partner - who were constantly at odds due to Jack's doubts over Peter's true loyalties. I must admit its been a long time since I saw the show, but my recollection is that although Peter's character was sympathetically developed and complex, there was always a wee bit of doubt about whether MAYBE he really was a double agent.
  • Currently playing on free to air on Channel 9 I've been re-watching this series and loving it! I'd originally watched this when it was first released but missed many episodes, now as an adult it's better than I remember it was 40 years ago... As others have pointed out it gives an Aussie point of view of the Pacific war, especially on the intelligence/counter intelligence side. Given when it was made I can forgive the lack of special effects etc. I'm giving a 9 out 10 for it's unique 'flavour' A reviewer asked if this is available on DVD - yes it is! Just type: Spyforce: The Complete Series and you'll find any number of sites to buy this from - Enjoy!
  • This 42 episode gem of a television series was about Australian Military Intelligence operatives fighting the Japanese Army during the Second World War.

    Starring Jack Thompson who has also been in other classic flicks, Ground Zero 1987, Yolongu Boy 2001, Broken Arrow 1996, Breaker Morant 1980, The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith 1978 and Mad Dog Morgan 1976.

    Also starring Peter Sumner who has also been in other classic flicks, Ned Kelly 1970 and The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith with Jack Thompson.

    Also starring Katy Wild.

    Also starring Redmond Phillips who was also in another classic flick, Razorback 1984.

    Also starring Bill Hunter who has also been in other classic flicks, Blue Murder 1995, Every night...Every night 1995, Gallipoli 1981, Backroads 1977, Mad Dog Morgan 1976, Stone 1974 and Ned Kelly 1970.

    I enjoyed seeing a television series about Australia's involvement in fighting the Japanese Army during WW2 which is often overlooked.

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  • A superb series, great to see the war was not just won by the Yanks. Superb cast Jack Thompson excellent, Miss Wild was so sexy without even trying. Wish would re run in UK is so different from the normal run of the mill programmes. Gunter ? never quite trusted Any one know if it is to be re run? If so on what channel and when? Keep missing good shows as hard to monitor all the satellite stations Any one also know if " the Club " will be re shown any time soon? Jack Thompson excellent in that and love the Aussy Rules anthem "One Day In September" Would love go to an Aussy Rules game, the Final would be brilliant Would need win the European Lottery to fund that trip. Is Spyforce on DVD ? Have looked with no joy