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  • This is one of the first featues in which Vivid started putting a lot of money behind Racquel's career. Previously, the sexy brunette had toiled in low-budget adult films doing mostly lesbian scenes.

    Around this time, she had some 'work' done on her to make her top half look draw-dropping and got rid of her permed hair, opting for a straight look with blonde highlights. She also became a Penthouse Pet of the month around this time.

    In her earlier features, she's still only doing guy/girl scenes with her then husband Derrick Lane. Her most notable scene from this film involves both Derrick and lesbian porn superstar Alex Jordan.

    Alex was an older blonde who was around the porn world in the 80's. She was not very attractive, but she could add fire to any girl on girl scene. She was just a real pro at getting girls off, and was often called upon to make love with some of the hottest girls in porn (Nikki Tyler, Janine). She was on the rough side, but was an eager tongue lasher of hot, young muffin.

    One thing that can be said about Racquel, she liked to get it on with the hot young Vivid cuties, but also liked some of the harder looking girls too. In the most explosive scene i this film, Alex seduces Racquel and has a nice, long session working her tongue between Racquel's incredible legs as Derrick watches. Eventually, they all get it on together. Good stuff!
  • Paul Thomas hid behind his pseudonym Judy Blue for this crummy release via VIvid's Wave Video label.

    There's no story or dialogue, just inispid voiceover narration written by Ariel Hart introducing most scenes. Phony studio sets present bedroooms for sex, including one with a corny "HOTEL" neon sign outside the window. Twosomes and threesomes feature the silent cast, led by Vivid superstar Raquel Darrian.

    Steve Drake has a couple of scenes, both ending in a handjob for his cum shot. A couple of scenes feature a mirror with a girl watching a couple having sex in it, before joining for a threesome and lesbian action.

    A tacked on scene at the end has no narration, a seeming afterthought or just padding. It ends up outdoing what came before, as redhead beauty Brittany O'Connell has anal sex with Alex Sanders -neither of them are listed in the opening and end credits.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Low-budget feature starring Penthouse Pet of the Month, Racquel Darrian, as a hooker who brings customers to a cheap motel to entertain.

    The gimmick in this film is that there is no dialogue, hence the title. In the first scene, Racquel, dressed in knee high leopard skin boots and a skirt, has lured a guy up to her room (an obvious set). Unfortunately, its Derrick Lane, Racquel's boyfriend in real life (at the time). He takes a seat as she performs a slow striptease. In the window, flashing neon informs the viewer we're in a seedy motel. The floor appears to be made of dirt and that simply cannot be explained. Racquel is now down to her panties and bra grinding on her guy. He peels off her underwear. She then moves to the bed and spreads her incredible legs, which look even more magnificent in the long boots. He pulls down his pants, climbs on the bed and has the hooker suck him off before screwing her in multiple positions.

    Racquel of course looks incredible, but most fans will agree Sean Michaels, Ron Jeremy or Mr Marcus may have made for better partners for her in this scene. If you know anything about Lane, it's that he enjoyed watching rather servicing Racquel. And it shows.

    The next scene with Racquel is watching her take a shower. Beautifully photographed! She then towels off and climbs in bed with a new customer, Steve Drake. Not sure where the pimp is in this movie, but apparently there was a filmed moment in which we see Racquel handing a wad of cash to a short, Black fella who, toothpick in mouth, then places his arm around her waist and points her to a motel door. This moment was described to an acquaintance via crew member.

    Final Racquel scene: she has been summoned to watch Lane have sex with his unattractive wife, Jordan, have sex. Racquel, still in her boots, sits on a dresser and gets herself off. Jordan then comes over and kisses Racquel and then eats her out until she cums as Derrick watches from the bed.

    We then see them dressed as they silently exit together. The narration indicates this will become a routine between the husband, wife and hooker.

    Racquel Darrian certainly looks incredible in this feature and the story itself bears resemblance to Racquel and Derrick's real life exploits, which surely adds a layer of hotness for the viewer.