Spode: I know what you are - a soddin' liberal! Come the revolution, your sort'll be rounded up and put in special camps.

Sylvia Tench: You know, I wish Darwin could have seen you. You'd drive a coach and horses through his theories on evolution.

Sylvia Tench: So you weren't in the least bit suspicious when he paid 1.5 million pounds for a 31-year-old Estonian who never made it into your first team?

Sir Bob Luckton: Er, it's my policy never to interfere in team affairs.

Jake Leach: Some of my boys want away.

Sir Bob Luckton: Well you should tell your boys that they have more pressing concerns, like that net thing strung between two pieces of wood that they seem to have developed a phobia about.

Sir Bob Luckton: I've told the press you have complete control over team selection.

Ted Whitehead: Great!

Sir Bob Luckton: You haven't of course, I'm just sick of being portrayed as a megalomaniac.