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  • Transformers zone made in 1990 takes place almost 20yrs after the Headmasters series in which Galvatron and Optimus Prime died.

    This was an actual series that was planned but only amounted to 1 episode due to high cost.

    The movie revolves around evil Transformers who are seeking to take over the universe.

    During the first minutes of the episode, we are treated to great animation in which we see one planet being blown to bits!!!

    This episode had a great musical score and animation.

    I believed the series was made though into a comic book or magaziine, so anyone wishing to know what happens after this episode should pick it up.

    "ZONE" is hard to find, but I have on video, in case anyone wants it.
  • Transformers: Zone takes place some time after the events in Victory, and was meant to be another full-fledged series like it's predecessors, but the declining popularity of Transformers in Japan left it at only one episode long...which is truly a shame, because this the best animation of all Transformers! The story is rather simple, but that is not surprising since we only have one episode, so not much of a story is developed, but new characters are introduced at least. Right at the beginning, Star Saber vanishes on an exploding planet as three gigantic decepticons (Overlord, Menasor and Predaking, I think) arrogantly steal the planet's Zodiac energy. It seems that a mysterious new evil named Violenjiger has resurrected 'Nine Great Destron Generals' (which in itself is rather silly since Overlord is the only one of them who has actually had any commanding force), and when they appear on planet Zone to steal their energon as well, autobots are forced to go to earth to prevent them from destroying that planet as well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    During the first minute I asked myself "where is optimus and megatron/galvatron?". I went on an investigation and found out they died and I was completely shattered and ripped off. I went back to watching and whats this??!! A weird flying rabbit animal next to some blue haired guy or girl?!! This is a complete slaughter and disgrace to the "transformers". It was so terrible i just had to stop watching. If you're a huge transformers fan, i deeply advise you not to watch this! Especially don't watch this if its you're first transformers because it will be completely confusing. Skip it. Skip it. Skip it. Skip it. SKIP IT!!!!!!