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  • The Taboo movies have become a legend in the Adult Genre, and this, the fourteenth and best in the series typifies the reasons behind their popularity.

    Pushing the boundaries of legal erotic entertainment whilst never sacrificing a superior quality of sex and an almost-watchable plot, with the Taboo movies, you get what you pay for, and then some.

    The supporting cast leaves a little to be desired, but the always-humorous and favorable performances from Jon Dough and Mike Horner are hilarious and better than usual, the opening scene is red-hot, but the movie's highlight lies in the starlet herself, Miss. Anna Malle, in an incredibly erotic shower scene with Dough, who believes her character, Anna Lopez, to be his sister.

    Fans of Lolita-like and incestuous sex will also find some unusual surprises in this Taboo film. It is more than cousins that are kissing...

    Anna Malle is probably the most beautiful and agile woman in porn today... and guess what, she can act! Look out Sunset Beach!
  • lor_26 September 2019
    By 1995, some 15 years after Kirdy Stevens released one of the all-time great Adult features "Taboo" starring Kay Parker, the incest premise of this series was wearing mighty thin. The team of Fred Lincoln and spouse Patti Rhodes were also running out of ideas, evidenced in this lousy edition.

    It's told from the point of view of Jon Dough, sporting long sideburns and an even longer lion's mane of a hairdo. He opens the picture in an insane asylum, talking beautiful redhead nurse Melissa Hill (later to achieve stardom at Vivid Video) into helping him escape, in return for humping her.

    Complicated but relentlessly dumb story revolves around him being cheated out of an inheritance, and getting even, both sexually and otherwise. Incest has to do with cousins and siblings, as well as a subplot involving mistaken identity which should have been dramatic but turns out to be, well, stupid.

    Short feature merely ends without resolution after 76 minutes of bad road, setting up the inevitable sequel.

    Fred has some sexy ladies in the cast, including lead Anna Malle and Laura Palmer, but wastes the opportunity to showcase their talents.