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  • Rather than a pastiche of "Taboo" by Kirdy Stevens & Helene Terrie, screenwriter Rick Marx expanded the usual incest concept to more fully develop the central character of Raven, who in the final volume of this movie series fulfills her selfish goal of satisfying her every whim at the expense of her family and anybody else.

    Show starts off with a powerful scene of mom Gloria Leonard in a session with her shrink (played by the director Henri Pachard/Ron Sullivan), finally revealing that she's had sex with her son Tom Byron. His shocked reaction is kinda fun, in that he's had to deal with her much earlier admonition that her hubby Paul Thomas' incestuous relationship -ongoing- with their daughter Raven is why she's in therapy in the first place.

    This mother/son incest has driven Tom to the bottle, but meanwhile the movie's cast expands considerably with a big party by movie producer Joey Silvera, who's preparing Raven for a role in his next production, thanks to her daddy PT's investing heavily in it.

    Kelly Nichols, one of the greats of NYC Adult filmmaking in this Golden Age (later to move behind the screen as a prolific makeup lady), straps on a dildo to service Joey's wife Sarah Bernard.

    Sarah surprisingly gets another sex scene, this time with hubby Joey and Raven, joining them for a threesome after Raven has seduced the producer.

    Another great, Sharon Kane, is added to the mix as wife of big-time agent Jose Duval, who inexplicably won an industry acting award for his rather incidental role in Part 4 of this series. Raven continues her endless perversity by exploiting the couple's prescient 1985 version of the more recent craze of "hotwifing", by bringing back her partner from Part 2 Clete (played by no-namer Frank Serrone) to service Sharon while her hubby watches and masturbates.

    At this point director Pachard presents some cheap montages, lots of clapper-boards (with his name on them) and Variety newspaper headlines to chart Raven's meteoric rise to Hollywood stardom, based on her sex appeal more than acting ability. (Yet her acting in this film is exemplary, especially as she transitions from feckless teen to more & more glamorous adult.)

    As in previous scenes, she throws eveyone under the bus, abandoning her incestuously loyal daddy PT for an affair with journalist Stephen Lockwood, and then ruining both PT the investor and producer Joey financially by abandoning their currently shooting film for a trip to Hollywood and exclusive contract with movie mogul Herb Nitke, an uncredited appearance by the "Taboo American Style"'s actual producer.

    This leads to a strong, downbeat ending, that's left open with a voiceover encouraging the viewer to watch new episodes of the series. Unfortunately, no more movies beyond these first four were made.