The Taking of Christina (1976)

X   |    |  Adult, Crime, Drama

Christina is abducted by two thugs days before her wedding.


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8 February 2007 | The_Void
| A cut above a lot of rape/revenge trash!
At the start of this film, we are told that the events depicted within are based on actual events that happened in California...and then we're told that any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental! However, that's not indicative of the quality of the film - as despite the fact that seventies cinema is overpopulated by these rape/revenge flicks, this one is better than a lot of them as it delivers a fairly interesting story with some faintly fleshed out characters, and it's all wrapped up in an unusually think layer of SLEAZE. The title suggests that the film focuses on a girl called Christina; but this isn't actually the case, as the central characters are Frank and Sonny - a couple of ex-convicts who parade around in their car looking for money and whores. Christina's story is loosely implemented into the film towards the beginning, but she doesn't feature in an important way until it's nearly the end. First, we get to find out what kind of men Frank and Sonny are; before they kidnap and rape Christina.

I do like a good, gritty seventies exploitation thriller, but I usually don't expect much more than bare bones from them. This one delivers a little more as the three central characters actually have some character. The acting is typically rubbish, with all the performers giving performances typical of this sort of cheapo exploit movie. Both Roger Caine and Eric Edwards have plenty of pornography credits to the names, as does 'Christina' Bree Anthony, who reminds me a bit of a seventies version of Seduction Cinema's Misty Mundae with her cute, yet seductive look. It's not exactly difficult to guess where the plot is going if you've seen more than one of these films before; but despite this, the film remains interesting mainly because of the characters and the director's keenness to implement as much sleaze as possible. There isn't a great deal of sex in this film (compared to others in the genre), but what there is rough enough to make an impact, and the fact that it doesn't overtake the entire film is definitely a positive element. Overall, this might not do much for your average movie fan - but fans of seventies exploitation will want to check it out.

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