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  • I'm reviewing so many forgotten porn films in IMDb - I don't really know why they've been tossed aside. TOO MUCH TOO SOON (its title meant to be ironic) is one that deserves to be better known.

    Becky Savage, once a big star but also relatively under-appreciated now, stars as Cindy and narrates using a framing story of her annual drive to mom's place. Flashbacks begin at age 18 and director Vinnie Rossi, for whom this movie stands out as a gem among dross in his long career, delivers short but sweet (and cum-drenched) sex scenes -over a dozen in a 75- minute running time.

    Lengthy cast comes and goes in Cindy's life, while her main man is Paul Thomas as Mark, who has a popular radio show. He's a bit old for the role (in the flashbacks), but we see him meet Cindy first in a museum, where she jerks him off and they fall in love. Becky masturbates while driving down the highway remembering those days -don't try this at home.

    She gets a lesbian scene with Misty Regan and even humps P.T. in an ice cream parlor. Beyond the sex scenes, this is a film from the Golden Age when entertainment in porn was still important. During a party scene, Joey the Magician suddenly takes center stage and does some very good magic tricks - a welcome diversion from "sex is everything".

    Ending is a bit lame, as Cindy behind the wheel laments her sex life, but getting there was fun. An interesting cast gets to shine supporting Savage, notably Linda Shaw and Gina Gianetti in a battle of the big breasts and unsung '80s star Shawn Michelle -not the most beautiful but a good actress/humper.

    The important thing to absorb watching TOO MUCH is the realization that in its prime, just before video took over, the XXX bar was set pretty high -perhaps that's why non-classics like this one no longer have a reputation.
  • dlsbrickcity4 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I love this movie it's one of my favorites I love everything about it and the way she narrate through the movie is very interesting to me that's one thing you never hardly see in these kind of movies back then and that orgy scene was pretty hot very beautiful woman in that scene also, I definitely recommend this movie