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  • I always enjoyed this show. The Malibu comic that this was based on was fantastic. When they turned it into a syndicated TV show it looked quite a bit cheesier in flesh and blood than on the printed page, but I still really enjoyed it. The show did add some gadgets to the character that he didn't use in the original comic. Steve Englehart created the character of Night Man and he was okay with those changes. He wrote for the show and didn't think that the high tech gadgets got in the way of the heart and soul of the character. I agree. This was a fun show. Rumor has it that it would have gone another season if Marvel hadn't bought Malibu comics and then gone bankrupt. That's too bad. I always enjoyed Night Man. It was good fun!
  • "Night Man" is an OK show, definitely not as bad as other comments on IMDb may say. It's more of a mix of science fiction and fantasy, rather than just straight SF, so many people may not like that. I like both F and SF in reading, but generally not on TV shows, but I do like "Night Man." However, I'm not going to get depressed if I miss it because there is something else on that I like better. I might tape it, I might not. I don't know about the comic book, but this show has potential - if it can only live up to it.
  • The show converts the same values as a comic onto the screen in a similar way to the original batman series. It uses charm as it's main weapon, and pulls it off with room to spare. It has a strange ability to cut through the mental blocks of brainwashed viewers who would usually not watch a program with a low budet, bad effects and/or dodgy acting. Most people can actually appreciate this show, if only for humour value. This show and it's exellent jazz rhythm should be on the TV more. 10 stars.
  • I will not hold the producers of this series accountable for the drastic changes made to the character of The Night Man. In the comic books all he has is the one power, and though it is a really cool power, it is not extremely valuable on its own. The plot line of a first season episode actually revolves around this somewhat humbling fact. Because of this, The Night Man is not what you might call "made for TV", so I think some changes had to be made so that his character would look good in a Fantasy/SciFi/action genre. On a syndicated budget, this is a very tall order, yielding the cheesy results that have been mentioned in other posts. As far as the acting, it may not have been award-winning, but neither was it career-killing, and the music was excellent, thanks to Marc Bonilla. The writers did do a poor job with continuity, and some of the dialog seems a bit forced, but that just makes it even cheesier and thus much more enjoyable if you are in the mood for it. Syndicated TV series have, for a long time, been providing cheap thrills and guilty pleasures. At this, The Night Man series excels, making it a show well worth watching.
  • Fantastic show, for the reasons that all others have disliked it. It's cheesy, very predictable, and great fun to watch because it's so poor. I cannot say anything positive about the quality of acting or production, (and the the blue-screen flying sequences are some of the worst I have ever seen!), yet the overall appeal comes from the enjoyment of seeing such low quality pulp TV. Surely to become a cult classic, as long as audiences don't take it too seriously, or expect too much!
  • I have found a reason to live, and his name is "Night Man".

    It is because I believe in fate. It is because I believe the saviour of the world will come with an ability to pick up on "the frequency of evil".

    As well as by being a sexy saxophone player with a huge, glowing red eye that can shoot fricking laser beams at dudes.

    Oh, yeah - and he can fly, and he drives one of those crazy Chrysler cars that looks like an old roadster.

    I can't believe it took me 8 years to discover this!

    Happy viewing to you!!!
  • To all those superheros out there, I ask you this: "Can you play the saxophone and fight crime all in one day?" Director Nick Daniel brings a fresh new look to an overplayed theme of superheroes. Using his sheer brilliance, Daniel created the character Jonny Domino, aka Nightman, who is an amazing saxophone player but is "tuned to the frequency of evil." Domino is able to hear the plans of criminals, so he built a crime fighting suit that makes him look like a cross between Robocop and the Pumaman. I love this show but because it is only showed after 12am, I hardly get to watch it. I give this show a 10!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not the best TV Super hero show of the universe. The visual effects are cheesy and the acting really bad. Season 2 is better and it's a good idea to have a cross-over between Maniman and Night-Man. It deserves a decent release on DVD or Blu-ray maybe. The reason why the show failed for me is the lack of action. The character of Night-man is not well known across the world like many other of Marvel Comics. Anyway, the show stay pretty good. In the way Superboy or Swamp Thing were produced, Night-Man is the same : funny with endearing characters. A Glen Larson type of production. Why not in a complete series release ? Who knows, it's up to the audience of the show !
  • Mitaka10 November 2003
    1) To Dave from Puerto Rico: The Nightman was, hands down, the BEST character Malibu comics created before Marvel ruined the series and the company.

    2) This movie takes a wonderful street-level character, gives him gadgets he never had in the comics, and turns him into, as one other reviewer put it, a Batman Wannabe. This show is PATHETIC! I started watching it and figured, "Okay. They made some changes. I guess that's to be expected. But I'll give it a chance." Which I did. Right up until the anti-gravity belt came into use. That's when I changed channels. The most high tech gadget The Nightman ever used in the comics was his taser (one of the few things Marvel did right when they had him build tasers into his gloves to free up his hands). No flying belt - he got around on a motor cycle. No laser eye - the larger lens was to enhance his night vision. For those who say this show is perfect of there's ABSOLUTELY nothing else on - wrong. If there's nothing better on, that means the cable is out. I'll go watch paint dry, thank you very much.
  • This Show kicks like a true superhero and a heroic Badass!. Yes NightMan is an amazing and exciting TV show ever, hell it was loosely based of the Malibu and Marvel comic book of the same name and also not only made it's character hero's first debut in the Ultraforce cartoon episode entitled "Night and the NightMan", but also made a crossover episode with another TV Show that came before NightMan and made an episode based of that show entitled "Manimal". And that cartoon also kicked ass as well. I used to watch this show as a kid, and I loved both Marvel and DC comic shows come to life.

    Now granted that it's a guilty pleasure but hey it's a ton of fun and I haven't watched a lot of the other NightMan Episodes but parts of what made this show awesome the Character, The powers the Music and the Choreography was amazing too. Notably one of my favorite of all the NightMan Episodes including the actress I liked besides the Main Actor Matt McColm, is Jacinda Barrett's appearance in my favorite episode entitled, "Do you believe in Magic?" in which featured NightMan taking on a Sorceress which reminds me of another TV Show, The Loic and Clark New Adventures of Superman. in which Superman(Dean Cain(Also portrayed Vandal Savage in Smallville)) takes on a witch who kidnaps Lois Lane in luring Superman into a trap in which both differently shared a connection.

    So My final Verdict for NightMan in which by the way, is a 10/10! with a "BADASS!!!" Seal of approval. it is an amazing show and I highly recommend my friends to watch it so much and is an enjoyable experience.
  • This show used to be on here a few months back at around 12am or 1am in the morning. Unless there is nothing else on. And I mean NOTHING ELSE ON then its funny to watch because its so stupid in its story lines. The acting is poor, too.
  • Well, I tuned in to see something very funny and was not disappointed. I laughed till my cheeks were numb and I nearly went into a catatonic state. Only then did I slowly realise that this was supposed to be a serious sci-fi drama! Silly me! The plot was pathetic but what really made my laugh was the costumes! Why it was ever made is a mystery to me.
  • Hypno-230 May 1999
    How do shows like this keep getting renewed when good shows like Brimstone are cancelled without giving it a chance to live? that's the question you'll be asking yourself after watching one of these episodes. This series is based on the Malibu created/ owned by marvel comics character. a character that quite frankly no one liked in the first place. The special effects are cheesy, the editing is just chillingly bad, the story is just garbage and the acting...well if i had my way i would ban these guys from ever working again in hollywood or i could just look at them and say you're doing this on purpose right?

    I talked to one fan of this series and asked her why she even watched it. she told me "its like a car wreck its horrible but you just cant move until its over".
  • Glen Larson, make of many fine sci-fi shows must have been having a really bad patch when he made this one. Bad effects, weak concept, cheesy storylines.

    We have only just started gettng this down in Australia, thank god they only show it after midnight. Less chance of anyone actually seeing it.