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  • Every night I watch Pepper Ann on Toon Disney. The characters are fun and realistic. The stories have important messages without being preachy and the characters actually learn and change. Unlike most shows that seem to have a formula for their episodes each Ep of Pepper Ann is original and fresh.

    I recommend this show for anyone who enjoys shows that make you think while giving you a good time.
  • The Saturday this was supposed to have premiered on was the same day as Princess Diana's funeral, so ABC preempted it and debuted it a week later as part of their "One Saturday Morning" and I fell in love instantly. In my opinion, this was Disney's best animated show since "The Disney Afternoon" heyday of the late 80s, early 90s with such classics as, "Gummi Bears", "Chip N' Dale, Rescue Rangers", "Tale Spin", "Darkwing Duck", "Goof Troop" and "Bonkers." To see Disney return to their roots, if only for a brief moment, was wonderful.

    However, due to some stupidity at the Disney corporate level, "Pepper Ann" was cancelled in February 2000 and relegated to "Disney's One Too", a daily version of "One Saturday Morning" that aired on UPN stations. This was a great show and not one to be shot down so quickly. How "Recess" managed to last so long with their most recent episodes being three years old already and their not-too-appealing movie is a sin.

    If crap like "Teacher's Pet" (which flopped) and "Recess" (which I was a fan of in the very beginning) can get the big screen treatment, then why not "Pepper Ann"?
  • Ginger872 August 2004
    Pepper Ann is a great show. I never get to tired of it. I first started watching it when it premiered on One Saturday Morning, when I was 10. Now I am 17 and I still watch it on Toon Disney. I like the characters, the animation, and especially the theme song.

    Pepper Ann is an average 12 year old whose family is like an average family. Her parents are divorced and her sister is a tomboy. Pepper Ann just wants be liked by her peers. Her best friends are Milo and Nikki. Milo is an inspiring artist who is always there for Pepper Ann. Nikki is smart and is always helping Pepper Ann in times of need.

    Overall Pepper Ann is a very good show and I suggest it to people of all ages. I give this show 10/10 stars.
  • I really think this was a cute show, the animation was good, and it was pretty original. Pepper ann was a regular 7th grade girl going through life's ups and downs with her best friends, the perfect nicki little, and the original artist milo kamalani......along with them there was lydia, Pepper ann's single working mother, pepper ann's sister Moose *margaret* who sounded and acted like a boy and fooled many until we realized what she was. Then there was aunt janie the hippie cool aunt and her husband jojo, the all around good guy cop. There was also pepper ann's father who you never saw much of and had an accent that you really could never figure out where he was from... and of course there were grandma and grandpa, the old fashioned yet fun grandparents of the girls, all together it really was a fun show if you were into that kind of thing, considering other crumby cartoons that were around then, Pepper Ann and Recess really weren't half bad. Definitley worth a look!
  • Pepper Ann is another one of those cartoons that kids and adults alike can laugh at. The writing is witty, the characters are charming, the animation is colorful and fun too watch. While I am not a big fan of cartoons, I have to rate this one up there with The Simpsons, and Arthur. Only low point, you have to get up mighty early, and on a Saturday, too see it. Luckily, I own a VCR.
  • Pepper Ann is a really good show, and it saddens me to see people write it of as some stupid crappy kiddy show, although you can't blame them since it airs between two crap-o-ramas, (the unoriginal Recess and the utterly boring and stupid Sabrina: The Animated Series). This show is funny, smart, and entertaining. Watch it now!! Make sure to see The Bra Episode, ("The only Miracle here is that somebody would by this." says Pepper Ann's little sister Moose, who is trying on a Miracle Bra for Pepper Ann). Watch and enjoy.
  • This is the funniest family friendly cartoon out there. Pepper Ann is your basic 7th grade girl who is full of character. The show focuses mainly on the relationships she has with her family (single mom and younger tomboy sister) and her best friends (Nicky the perfect girl and, my favorite character, Milo the sensitive yet odd and goofy artist). My other favorite characters include Dieter, the chubby foreign exchange student, and Mr. Phinky, the tragically hip civics teacher.

    If you want a break from the vulgar antics of "South Park" and "Family Guy", but want a step up from "Winnie the Pooh" and "Pokemon", check out "Pepper Ann".
  • daizystar942 June 2007
    I was sick recently and I was looking for something decent to watch on TV because the only thing on was Dora the explorer. so I stumbled upon pepper ann on toon Disney's wild card show. I watched about two episodes and I got hooked. I love this show. I am 13 and I really think that it addresses teenage life, but there is one problem let me show you Nicky- anorexic Milo- manorexic pepper ann- pepper an(n)orexic the German kid-obese that is the only thing, the characters are so skinny it looks like they're all anorexic! with the exception of the German guy, and I am 1/4 German, it make me lose faith, but I still give this show a 10 because it really is cute, and the theme song rocks unlike something else of that time period. but the reason I like it most is that it REALLY addresses teenage life. I look for it a lot and I try to see if I could find it on, too bad my family Tivo isn't hooked up to our IO box...
  • There are a few cartoons that I used to watch even in my late teens, as I always thought they were some of the greatest shows left on television. Stuff like 'Mad Jack the Pirate,' a short-lived Fox cartoon, 'Eek the Cat', and 'Bobby's World' (I assure you, it's only coincidental that these are all Fox cartoons).

    But Pepper Ann was gold for me. This little Disney diddie is about 7th grade red-head, Pepper Anne, and her adventures involving her friends, Nikki (Von Oy) the obsessive compulsive brain, and Milo (Cooksey), Pepper Ann's artistic friend. And, there's the rest of the gang like Ober, the fat german kid, the twins, Pepper Anne's sister Moose (it took me a while to figure out that Moose was her sister and not her brother), and the kid with the braces, who Pepper Ann likes.

    I think this Pepper Ann was based on the Pepper Ann character that Lily Tomlin used to do where she used to sit in that huge rocking chair. I know that previously, ABC tried to do a mix live-action and animation version of the show in a Paddington Bear type of style. But I seem to remember that version lasting only a few episodes. But this Pepper Ann is fully animated, and one of the best cartoons I've ever seen.

    I think I really admired this cartoon because it was so packed with humor (especially subtle super-humor) and intelligence even when the characters were involved in the most outrageous situations. I just wish Disney hadn't done away with the show. It was simply fantastic.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought of "Pepper Ann" as just another typical Saturday morning cartoon about an eccentric unpopular underdog in a generic suburban and school setting with predictable plots and characters we've seen many times before. There was still something I really liked about it as I did other animated toons. I watched it again recently from start to finish (with how many I could find) and.... It was like watching a WHOLE new series!

    Pepper Ann, not only a nice rhythmic title it has a rockin' theme song to boot, sung by the titular character herself (Kathleen Wilhoite as the voice of Pepper Ann).

    Pepper Ann is an excitable 12 year old girl in the 7th grade who constantly schemes and plots for her own gain (and the attention of a certain boy ;D) and sometimes for others with the help of her two fascinating best friends Milo Kamalani, a passionate, contemplative artist and Nicky Little, an intelligent, rational overachiever who plays the violin. The scripts are fresh out of the oven, rich in character, GREAT voice over acting (Even characters like Dieter Lederhosen the foreign exchange student from Germany breaks out of conventional stereotype from time to time) and the animation is unique and flows smoothly. There are a lot of witty remarks, political and pop culture satire and well hidden messages that made me think as it did make me laugh! I sometimes needed to good back to what they said so I got it. This is a very good indication that the creator and writers put SO much effort in their writing. While some other shows lake continuity and consistency, characters from Pepper Ann learn and develop.

    References to past events are addressed and brought up from time. There are a fair amount of feel good moments, subjects on touchy issues as politics, carrier choices, divorce, relationships, self-confidence and love. The atmosphere is warm, energetic and inviting. I felt this was not trying to be your average black and white society shunned character going up against the faultless picture perfect princess. The characters are so fleshed out you actually grow close and get to know them as if they where as real as you and me. Touching moments too? You got it! That's why the very LAST episode "The Finale" ultimately won me over. I will not say anything but please watch it AFTER you tried watching every episode. I recommend this show to everyone. Disney, release Pepper Ann out on DVD NOWWWW!!!!!!!

    Being 23 years old is a very interesting time in life when you look back to remember things you liked as a child. Things and shows like Pepper Ann only get better with age.

    11/10 for the coolest red head in 7th grade :D
  • Absolutely light-hearted, fun and imaginative! I love Peppie, Milo, Nicky, Moose! Unlike other Disney shows, the one-parent family is realistically portrayed and the kids are actually funny. I especially like the real-life aspects of the show... the divorced parents, Jewish mom and Catholic dad, the over-achieving best friend, the sexually ambiguous little sister... These elements combined with the cartoonish comedy make for some hilarious situations. Not to mention, Pepper Ann's theme song is great, great, great! It never succumbed to crazy gimmicks, spin-offs or new "very special" characters. Maybe it's not as sophisticated as Doug, but Pepper Ann is a heart-warming and uplifting show, great for younger and older kids... and much older kids. I'm glad Disney still keeps it in rotation. This is one of those kids' shows that actually leaves you entertained after a half hour.
  • Pepper Ann is hilarious - every episode is a reminder of being a twelve year old girl in middle school. The bra episode was the best!! Any woman can relate to the embarasment of going with your mom to buy your first bra!

    Wish this was still being made.

    Also noted that Kathy Najimy (voice of Peggy Hill on King of the Hill) and the voice of Bobby Hill from the same show both were on Pepper Ann.
  • The animation for Pepper Ann looks pretty crude by today's standards, but it's consistent, has a definite charm, and is so cute.

    What makes this series stand out is its writing and cast - and a great theme song and incidental music, too. It's jam-packed with witty and hilarious observations. The episodes stand up to repeated watching, and many of them are classics. The consistency of the storylines would put any Star Trek series to shame (and I'm a Trekkie).

    The characters are great and impeccably well fleshed-out. For once, there's a healthy dose of excellent female characters, and indeed, most of the stories revolve around them. And they're brilliantly acted by a superb voice cast.

    Kudos to the makers!
  • pittsa16 August 2002
    Pepper Ann is a breath of fresh air. It is not only for children, but for adults as well. I would wake up every Saturday morning to watch it. I was really disappointed when they canceled it, but I was excited to find out that they still show it on the Disney toon channel. Pepper Ann is quirky and sometimes kind of nerdy, but she's funny and refreshing. Kind of reminds you of those days of being in middle school. Before Pepper Ann, I was more of an old schooler when it came to cartoons (Flintstones. Jetsons, Smurfs, Scooby-doo etc...) But Pepper Ann restored my faith that there are still some good cartoons left.
  • It still surprises me that Disney created something actually fun to watch on television. Pepper Ann is nothing like Disney's other programs, it isn't even close to a "girl Doug" show some people describe it as.

    Pepper Ann mirrors similar problems children her age worry about - attending unsupervised parties with both sexes, getting a first bra, grudges with enemies, solving typical screw ups every kid goes through- you name it!

    Clever and amusing, Pepper Ann is a favourite for all ages. You'll laugh at the acid stabs at pop culture and American foibles, fall in love with the characters [Pepper Ann the spunky heroine, Dieter the sweet and lovable German exchange student - even semi-outcast Pink Eye Pete will be admired] and marvel at how Disney finally succeeded in creating a watchable animated series.
  • Pepper Ann is the coolest cartoon show ever! Of all the shows about teenagers this one has to be the most realistic even for a cartoon. Look at these so called "teen shows" "Dawson's Creek" and "Popular." To me these shows aren't that realistic. I'm 17 and they say these shows are for teens. I hate these shows! they are totally unrealistic to teenage life! No one at my school can really relate to anything in these programs. I'm in a Pepper Ann club and I see that most of the fans are teens.Pepper Ann is cool and different. Pepper Ann is definitely not like those shows. In "teen shows" the lead female is usually a dippy cheerleader type. Pepper Ann is not one those type's. When I was in Junior High I was like Pepper Ann. Kudo's to Disney for making a really great show. I had lost faith in Disney , but this show renewed my faith in it. With all this "Poke-Mania" going around it's good to know there are good shows left on TV!!! This show deals with real issues in cool and sometimes touching ways. How real is kids catching animals and putting them in metal balls. Not really realistic if you ask me. Also catch-phrases like "Pika-Pika!" get annoying after awhile. Viva Pepper Ann!!
  • I am 15, a freshman in high school, and I have seen cartoons, and read books that try to portray preteen life, and they are way off. But I remember middle school kinda like Pepper Ann. Lusting after that hot softmore, trying to servive first period science, only to go onto 2nd period Algebra, and hanging with my best friends. And while I did not talk to my reflection, I did confide in my cat. And they caricterize the people pretty well. Peppie is the every-girl, Nikki is the poetic one, Mylo is the eat-it-all-funky-dresser-always-there-for-his-buds person, Moose is the wierd little sister, the blond is the popular cheerleader, the twins are kinda athletic, and also popular, there is the hot 8th grader, and of course, lets not forget Pink Eye Pete.

    Anyway, Pepper Ann is one of the few cartoons I watch, with Future-ama, Simpsons, Famlyguy, Daria and South Park. Kudos to disney. The one show my 10 year old sis(Moose!) and I can watch without trying to kill each other for the remote.
  • When I first heard of Pepper Ann, I wrote it off as another stupid Disney series. In fact, I wouldn't give it a chance until I saw the Musical (I was too tired to change channels). I collapsed laughing, as it highlighted EVERY irritating musical cliche far better than any other I've seen so far (I haven't seen the Buffy one yet, though). So I decided to give the series a chance. Sometimes it's not too entertaining, but a lot of the time it has a great off-beat humor style that frequently leaves me with at least a satisfied smirk on my face. "Pepper Ann" captures middle school well (Believe me, I know, I'm in the eighth grade), with a funny cast of characters from the title character (The slightly nuts, awkward, scheming P.A.) to the smaller, more obscure ones (Wayne Macabre, Pink-Eye Pete, Vera the Secretary). If you get Toon Disney or have the luck of seeing it on the Disney Channel (It's one of two decent shows on that channel, too!), give this cartoon a chance, because it could really surprise you.
  • Pepper Ann is the coolest show. I seriously can't wait if they ever make a movie. Pepper Ann herself is pretty funny, but I think the funniest on the show is Milo. It's a good show not only because it relates to teens, like me, but its got a whole load of jokes for adults, too!
  • I love Pepper Ann!!!!!!!!! It is my favorite cartoon show ever!!!!!! But they don't show it anywhere anymore! :(

    My favorite character was, . . . . Milo, yeah, Milo. He rocked. "I love assemblies." and "Is it fish-stick day already?" are my favorite Milo quotes. Deiter and Alex Trebec were my other favorites. Moose was fun too, but he's not as fun as Deiter. I LOVED the theme song, I still catch myself singing it when there's nothing else going on. My favorite episode was the Greensleeves one. Greensleeves is my favorite song, so I really liked that episode. I also liked the Evil Knievel and Patrick Swazey statue episode. I wish I could find someplace that sells the entire 65 episodes. Pepper Ann is better than The Weekenders and Fairly Odd Parents, but since I can't see Pepper Ann anymore, I watch those shows now.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I beg to differ with the comment given by the author, Op_Prime regarding "Pepper Ann" vs. "Reboot". I have been watching "Pepper Ann" ever since the first episode. I was highly disappointed to find out "Pepper Ann" had been canceled. I have never watched the show "Reboot" but I can tell you this. If "Reboot" was canceled to provide viewers with the entertaining and funny cartoon that is "Pepper Ann", then obviously "Reboot" did not deserve to continue to air. "Pepper Ann" on the other hand, was, is, and always will be loved as well as missed by many. Hardly a "waste of paper". Not even close to "sterotypes". Far from an "insult to teenagers". If anything, this cartoon relates the commonalities of living life as a teenager with being proud of ones' own individuality.
  • This show is really funny. I just can't get over it. You're always laughing during this show. I wish it was still on the air. I love the one when she has the dream everyone is singing. It was on this morning and it was priceless. "C-H-I-C-K-E-N!" Lydia sings, and then Pepper Ann says, "Mom, why is there dancing chicken's on the couch?" THAT is hilarious. I really wish it was still on the air. BRING IT BACK I'M BEGGIN YOU!! The theme song is really great too. I've only met 1 person so far that doesn't like this show. Why'd they cancel it? It's a mystery. This was a great show and thanks to the creator for creating it! I still enjoy it, Toon Disney, if you take it off your channel i will be upset! So keep me happy!
  • The one episode I saw was about a field trip to some kind of factory, and (as per the usual for comedic field trips) the kids get separated from the rest of the class and hilarity ensues. The theme song to this show was good, and the show itself was entertaining, but the cartoons of the late 80s/early 90s were alot better than this. Also, they kept making not-so-subtle marijuana references using the Jamaican-looking kid. He was always thirsty, seemed highly confused, etc. This is really getting old...the ghost of Walt Disney needs to come punch the current animators in the face. They shouldn't use the wholesome Disney namesake to pimp their stupid counter culture references....leave subtle adult jokes hidden in a kids program to Scooby Doo and Space Ghost.
  • jessicaf22 July 2002
    I've seen this show a few times on Disney. Right away I thought it was dumb. really. The theme song had gotten stuck in my head. The acting was real bad and the voices for the characters were terrible. Read a book if nothing else is on T.V. You don't need to spend time watching this lousy T.V. show!!!!
  • This t.v. series is a funny little show about 3 best friends in 7th grade. The art in the show (since it is a cartoon) is interesting since it was all done in Japan. The voices are interesting and the stories especially. I recommend this to kids 12 and under.
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