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  • For decades now I've been unable to learn & abide by the most basic rule of porn consumerism: don't judge a book by its cover. That was my downfall recently with TREASURE CHEST -I bought the DVD on the basis of its attractive Rebecca Wild cover photo.

    Contents are beyond poor - a total waste. Title refers to the b.s. spewed by Joey Silvera, who claims to have a map to the location of buried treasure in some exotic place, but all we get are four vignettes of top-heavy actresses humping in anonymous bedrooms.

    Photography is terrible, with the women not shown to their best advantage. The DVD is obviously transferred from a VHS original rather than going back to primary materials, so it's blurr-o-vision, which would probably get graded only 7 out of 10 on the current bootleg/collectors circuit.

    After checking the credits for this review I see that I've been stung twice of late, having also bought the terrible BOOB ACRES video from the same writer (Gale Wynand) as this one. I guess I'll never learn.