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2 March 2015 | lor_
Zero effort porn video
I have to add nearly all the core data to IMDb (only title & a couple actors listed) for this obscure video, likely because of its poor quality. More effort was spent on the dumb title pun than in actual production, evidently.

The link with the classic Gene Wilder film is merely a funny looking hat worn by no-show title character's nephew Wally for the final scene. Other than that nod, the video is merely 5 tedious porn scenes preceded by cast talking about a party tonight that in fact never happens. Like the highly influential Warhol (inventor of modern minimalist porn) and Louis Malle's classic MY DINNER WITH ANDRE, this is Porn Basics and nothing else.

Jordan Lee stars in the first two vignettes, featuring Vince Vouyer and the tall Frank Towers. Each talks about the upcoming company party thrown by magnate Willie W., and the only difference between the scenes is Vince shoots on her posterior while Frank delivers a facial.

Sanders chats at the title sushi bar with toothy Ms. Amado, who has a nice smile but talks like an airhead Valley Girl. When sex inevitable ensues we hear the anonymous "Bosley Delongprez": director whisper direction for Alex: "Kiss her", quite quaint. And this is 20 years before the femme director of Charlie Rose, Gayle and Norah audibly on purpose enunciates directions every weekday morning for the CBS News program.

Amado encores in a lesbian scene with ultra-busty Nikki Sinn. WIthout a money shot as signal, the director doesn't know when to end this feminine uprising, so we proceed directly to an overacting Jake Williams as aforementioned Wally the nephew, reading his lines with the sincerity of a Chuck Barris on TV.

He reads a letter from uncle: he's sold the factory, getting rid of all the workers, hence no party (but still a terrible video documenting these timeless events, watched by yours truly and hopefully no one else, ever). Dallas D'Amour puts on Wally's top hat and services him. His climax is not really a money shot, more a spare change dribble and the fiasco ends abruptly. End credits do not agree with the opening credits, where top billing goes to an actress named Kahni and lovable Bunny Bleu, neither of whom show up on screen.

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