• WARNING: Spoilers

    Julie James had just spent a harrowing summer running for her life and dealing with the brutal murders of Helen Shivers and Barry Cox, by a vengeful fisherman named Ben Willis. One year later, Julie has fled her hometown to attend college in Boston, and left the painful memories behind her. Karla Wilson (Brandy), Julies spunky friend and roommate, wins an all-expenses-paid Bahamas vacation for four on the Fourth of July weekend, if she can name the capital of Brazil. She answers "Rio", and is told that she is correct. Julie wants to invite her boyfriend Ray on the trip, but he declines. He's hurt by her refusal to visit him in Southport, where the murders took place the previous summer. Thus Julie, Karla, Tyrell, and their new friend Will Benson, head to the Bahamas. When they get there, they find that the other hotel guests are leaving because hurricane season has begun. Soon, several murders occur at the resort, and Julie is forced to tell the others about her past. Suspicion falls on the voodoo-practicing porter Estes, who is trying to protect them. It is revealed that the vacation was arranged especially for Julie, and Karla didn't really win anything because she answered the Brazil question incorrectly. Estes leads them to a graveyard site where Ben Willis' family is buried, and there is one tombstone that has Julies name, and the years written on it in blood, with an open hole, where Ben plans to dump her body in after he kills her. It turns out that another person of the Willis' family is alive. Will Benson is in fact Ben Willis' son, and he drags Julie away from the others after killing Estes, Tyrell and Nancy. Will takes Julie to his family's graveyard and introduces Julie to his father, Ben Willis. Julie didn't know Will was related to Ben Willis. The survivors attempt to hide in a small building, but this does not work. Ray arrives just as Ben catches up with Julie and Will. In the fight between Ray and Will, Ben accidentally stabs his son with his own hook. Then Ben Willis is shot with Ray's gun by Julie. Afterwards Ray and Julie are home, in their newly-purchased house. As Julie enters her bedroom and sits down on the bed, she looks in the mirror, leaning against the bottom part of her wall, and notices the fisherman under her bed. The film ends with Ben Willis grabbing Julie by the ankles and pulling her under her bed.