Allie: Last night in L.A. a Japanese family of three was found shot to death. The family had just arrived from Tokyo and was driving a low rates rental car.

Secretary: Did you bring a date?

Allie: When would I have time to date?

Allie: I usually don't take a drink from a stranger.

Kyle: Well, I'm Kyle,you're Allie. Now we're no longer strangers.

Kyle: How would you like some more champagne?

Allie: No, I shouldn't.

Kyle: I know you shouldn't, but that doesn't mean you won't.

Allie: Why didn't you tell me that it was Madelin Barton? She is the head of the company we were signing on.

Allie: I think we need to call the police.

Kyle: No, we can't call the cops that's not an option now.

Allie: This is not going away!

Kyle: Exactly, it's not going away. It's over. It's done.