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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wesley Ruggles cut his directorial teeth on these jazzy rah-rah shorts from Universal that kicked off in 1926 with "The Collegians". There were other new faces as well - Dorothy Gulliver who later graduated to westerns and serials, gorgeous Sally Blane as the uncredited "other runner" who went on to better things and Eddie Phillips, he of the "henchman" and whenever found in a movie, you always knew he was going to leave the girl flat and broken hearted!! Here he is as Don Trent, the leader of the Sophs and still trying to pull a fast one!!!

    It is the day of the big relay race between fresher June (Gulliver) and sweet sophomore Betty Jane (Blane), the Freshers win and exact their revenge by having the Sophs as their slaves for the day - starting with cleaning up the grand stand!! That evening at the Fresher's dance the Sophs have to provide the entertainment and the service, poor Betty Jane has to walk around with a hat on that says "Miss Fortune"!! Don has a trick or two up his sleeve and manages to get the Fresher boys busted for drinking!! - they think they are in the paddy wagon bound for jail, in reality they are left high and dry "beyond the three mile limit" as the title says! It ends with an all out brawl and the coach addressing the audience (must have been a feature of the series) commenting on how kids will be kids!! A very fun short!!