Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    This movie is a satire of voyeurism and celebrity when an ordinary guy who works at a video store in San Francisco becomes an overnight star when he agrees to allow his daily life to be televised. Ed (Matthew McConaughey) quickly learns that he has absolutely no privacy. The taping of his life begins when he is waking up and shown to be scratching himself in his most private area. His father (played by Dennis Hopper) shows up and his mother is forced to admit that she made him leave, after having told Ed that he ran away. The television producer Cynthia Topping (Ellen Degeneres) begins to manipulate his life by arranging to have certain characters to "show up." For example, shortly after his girlfriend Shari (Jenna Elfman) moves away to escape the infringement on her personal life, Jill (Elizabeth Hurley) shows up and begins to seduce him. Jill isn't really interested in Ed, though, but is only using him in an attempt to further her own career. A really racy scene ensues and it appears that Ed and Jill are about to have sex on TV but he falls off the dining room table and squashes her cat, ending the ardor. The cat survives, fortunately, so we animal lovers folks can relax. He never sees Jill again.

    Life for poor Ed begins to degenerate (no pun intended Ellen) when his brother Ray Pekurny (Woody Harrelson) publishes an expose book (entitled "My Brother Pissed On Me"). LIfe takes another terrible turn when he gets a phone call from his mother telling him that his stepfather has died. The doctor tells him that he died making love with his mother and about that time, his real stepfather, Al (Martin Landau), comes zipping down the hall of the hospital on his scooter and leaves Ed confused. His mother admits that she was having sex with Hank and admits on national television that Al is unable to perform.

    Ed really wants to get back together with Shari, who has been caught following him in disguise. He wants to end the contract but the producers won't release him. So he devises a way to get them to cancel the show by offering a $10,000 reward to the viewer who can dish the most dirt on the producers. The main producer (Cynthia Topping) sympathize with Ed and tells him a terrible secret on Mr. Whitaker (Rob Reiner) that he cannot perform without pumping a liquid into his male member but before he can announce it, they quit airing the show.