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  • dragonfeeder-114 April 2005
    Has a cute whimsical side coupled with a bit of macabre.

    Pretty much what you expect from a film with Steve Gutenburg.

    A good movie to watch when you want something light and funny..

    Reminded me a bit of Don Knotts "the ghost and Mr Chicken" in style only.

    A bit too campy to really be scary..but the characters definitely lead you to believe they are scared...nice little twist through out.

    Not for the hard core thriller connoisseur but definitely good for a laugh.

    I'd recommend it to Don Knotts type of movie fan..

    I wish they'd make more movies based on Disney rides..they only help enhance the park going experience as you can't help but think of the details you might not have noticed in the rides before watching.
  • I absolutely love the Tower of Terror ride in California Adventure, so when I found out that there was a movie about it, I wanted to watch it. Since it is a Disney movie, it's cheesy, but still interesting. I mean, the ghosts weren't scary (especially after seeing "Sixth Sense") and the plot could've been better.

    If you love the ride at California Adventure (in Disneyland) or at MGM Studios (in Disneyworld) then you should watch it. But be warned: the ride is so much better than the movie. Don't get your hopes too high up. Also, at parts it can get boring, but some parts are actually good. Overall, it is about 6.3/10
  • I was bored yesterday and decided to watch Disney Channel when a movie was starting. The Tower of Terror was on and I had never seen it. Since the first couple of minutes I was hooked to it and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. The beginning reminded me of Seabiscuit with all of the beautiful outfits and the 1930's setting (all before the elevator scene). Tower of Terror is about two people....Anna (Kirsten Dunst!) and Buzzy who get involved in a old...old curse and want to help 5 ghosts out that needed to get to the 12th floor of the Hollywood Tower Hotel for a party on Halloween 1939. When the group of people get on in 1939, they disappear when they get stuck on the 11th floor. Every year it is the same...they will never be able to go to the 12th floor because no one is there to help them. Now Anna and Buzzy have to help the ghosts get to the 12th floor on Halloween night and try to help break the curse on the elevator. It is truly a good movie and is full of suspense, especially during the beginning of the film like when Sally's (i think thats the little girl's name) ghost appears and little green rain falls down. The special effects were good. The acting was great. The plot was nice too. One of Disney's better films. I recommend it for families to watch on Halloween.
  • riley45316 January 2005
    I completely disagree there. I thought this movie was a good movie. Good plot, good acting, just enough fear factor for the children. And to top it off, it all happens in the Hollywood Tower Hotel. I take it you have never been to Tower Of Terror in Florida. The Hotel is exactly how the movie describes it. A great feel good movie for you and the kids. Harmless, silly fun. It should be on TV around Halloween more. Good sets, good costumes, good music, and it has enough to keep you entertained the whole way through. Definitely has my vote for a good movie.

  • A lot of grown ups say this movie is just bad but most kids seem to like it. Thats because this was made for kids so yeah kids should be the ones who like it. Also you cant go into the movie thinking that this a going to be a great heart warming story or anything but if you think of it as a kids movie with a low plot then you will like it. It does not make you think or anything. I really liked this movie but would not call it my favorite or anything but it was a good thing to watch on a rainy Sunday. The acting I thought was good and the movie had a fair plot. If you want something really great go to the tower of terror ride in Disney world. That is the best ride in the park!!!!!
  • But this is really a silly movie for adults. The characters do really dumb things. The plot is transparent. Which is more than I can say about the ghosts. On the bright side, it's not the least bit scary, so the kiddies won't get nightmares. If your children must watch it, try not to groan aloud too much.

    Better yet, if you want them to develop good taste, let them watch a better kid's movie. Like Harry Potter. Or make them read a book. Like Harry Potter.
  • jupiterspecht22 July 2013
    Made for TV? More like too good for theaters! Disney's Tower of Terror is based on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World's Disney's Hollywood Studios, formerly Walt Disney World's Disney-MGM Studios. The stakes are just as high in the movie as the ride (about 12 floors high, he he he). Steve Guttenberg's acting has never been better. Dare I say no one's acting has ever been better? And Kirsten Dunst! What a lady! She's going places! The all star cast doesn't stop there! This movie also has the dude who played Lloyd on Brotherly Love whose name I am too lazy to look up here on IMDb! Oh and Jan from The Office was spectacular.

    The Hollywood Reporter was right when they claimed this movie to be "A Thrill Ride!" (as seen on the DVD cover, though taken in context they may have actually been talking about the thrill ride). It'll give you Chills & Thrills with its Spectacular Special F/X! (also taken off the DVD cover).
  • For a Disney movie, I am VERY surprised...some parts were VERY scary, like the part with the ghost of Sally Shine, and the green rain...! OHH! I get chills when I watch that part...the cast was wonderful, Kirsten Dunst was perfect for the role of Anna...and so was Steven Guttenberg as Buzzy...the whole story was not corney as I thought a Disney movie's "scary" movie would be...the characters like Mrs. Partridge...grouchy, and Gilbert, the snobby English actor, and the really beautiful Claire Poulet! I recommend this movie to anyone...even grown-ups...It is also a VERY good all have got to watch this!
  • Stoshie28 April 2005
    Run-of-the-mill cutsie Disney "horror" movie (a contradiction in terms?). You have to be pretty bored to sit through this. If you have nothing better to do, go ahead and watch it. But don't go out of your way to find it. I watched it to see Kirsten Dunst (NOT Kirsten Storms, in spite of what a previous reviewer said!) in an early role. Even here, she shows signs of what she is capable of doing, and does in her later roles. Other than that, there isn't much substance to this.

    But then again, this is aimed at a young audience, so for them, this can be entertaining. Unfortunately, the plot is predictable. You can tell what is coming a mile away. A typical Disney TV movie.
  • bensonmum215 February 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Something happened 60 years ago at the Hollywood Tower Hotel – something so bizarre and tragic that the doors were locked and the hotel closed. Five people stepped onto an elevator headed to the Tip Top Club on the 12th floor. Suddenly, a flash of green light and the elevator stopped. The five people on board the elevator were gone. They just vanished. Now, down-on-his-luck newspaper reporter Buzzy Crocker (Steve Guttenberg) has been given the chance to tell the story of a lifetime – a chance to tell the world about what really happened to the people on board that doomed elevator. But to do so, he'll have to face the ghosts of the five souls that disappeared 60 years ago.

    I think that some of the criticism leveled against Tower of Terror is unfair and just plain ridiculous. For what it is (a Disney horror movie), I quite enjoyed it. Sure, it doesn't have the same kind of scares or gore many horror fans look for, but it wasn't meant to. It was meant to be a movie aimed at families and children and, as such, I think it was reasonably successful. There are a couple of moments when the movie drags, but overall it's a well-paced, entertaining, harmless piece of entertainment. And, as much as it pains me, I must admit to enjoying the feel good ending. It worked for me. My biggest complaint would be the lack of originality. How many times have we seen this story played out? A new twist on an old stand-by would have been nice.

    I suppose that another reason I enjoyed Tower of Terror might have something to do with the ride at the Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando. And what a ride it is! A 12 story free-fall that's never the same ride twice! I love it! At the beginning of the movie, I was amazed at how much the hotel in the movie looked like the ride. It didn't come as too big of a surprise to me to learn that the exteriors were actually filmed in the park. How cool is that?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I mostly enjoyed this movie, as it added some fun details to the back story of the attraction. However, I was pretty sure before I ever started watching, that it wasn't going to be especially well made. By not expecting much, I was able to get through it and even see some potential for what could have been a better movie.

    The story centers on a reporter investigating the tower to finally figure out how five people disappeared 60 years ago. He's acting on a tip from an elderly woman who claims she was there and saw a witch cast the spell that caused the elevator to malfunction. We actually get a few creepy scenes that reveal that the elderly woman was the witch, and she was the sister of the child star who disappeared that night. We also get some scenes that came close to being poignant when the two sisters--one preserved as a child, one elderly--reconcile. It's too bad that much of the movie is silly and cheap looking, because the story is almost well thought out enough that it could be remade into something special. As it is, it is a light TV movie that doesn't get seen or talked about much, nor is it very memorable. Maybe someday.
  • If you are planning on showing this to a child they will enjoy themselves and might even get a little fright out of the story. To an adult the plot is very cliché and poorly executed but the children will have a fun time. The characters are likable enough and Dunst and Guttenberg both give decent though movie-of-the-week type performances.

    It is very much a low-rent television movie but it is good enough for the kids. There are ghosts and other spooky things but I don't think a parent would find too much to find offense with in the movie.

    Watch if you want to show a child something a little more thrilling to them but don't expect too much yourself.
  • Among great family "horrors" like Hocus Pocus, The Witches, Monster Squad, and others, Tower of Terror (1997), starring Steve Guttenberg and a young Kirsten Dunst, is often forgotten. This is unfortunate because it's one of the rare family horrors that actually manages to be simultaneously fun, acceptable, and scary for everyone. Basically, like the botched Eddie Murphy film The Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror is a vehicle to show off a Disney World attraction through a 90-minute narrative commercial. Unlike The Haunted Mansion, however, this film is actually good! The story focuses on Buzzy Crocker (Guttenberg), a journalist for a National Enquirer-esquire tabloid. In an attempt to become a serious writer again (and win back the affection of his old flame Jill (Nia Peebles)), Buzzy heads to the old Hollywood Tower Hotel, where he is told five people mysteriously disappeared in an elevator after the hotel was struck by lightning nearly 60 years prior. Said to be haunted, Buzzy wants to find out the truth and his niece Anna (Dunst) wants to join along with him to help make the story.

    While the film is certainly nothing Emmy-award winning, it delivers on all it promises. It's very cheesy, fun, & entertaining, and has quite a few creep-out moments (especially for a kids' TV movie). To this day, the little-girl-in-the-rain scene gives me the chills just thinking about it. It does stick around the typical standard of Disney TV movies as far as writing & directing go, but it manages to work in a way that looks and feels better than even a big-screen adaptation like The Haunted Mansion. Obviously, this is not going to be the film for someone looking for a hardcore frightfest, but for a lighthearted time with or without the kids, I'd highly suggest this one.

    Final Verdict: 7/10.

    NOTE: Disney is apparently in the process of making another feature-length adaptation of the Tower of Terror ride, this one for the big screen.

  • Why Watch: Terror with some real fun. Why not: There's nothing like that.

    Have fun for 129 Mins

    After enjoying a ride at Walt Disney World with same name, I was quite interested to see the movie. No doubt Disney ride & it's beautiful/full of terror place is just amazing. I doubt if anyone alone can really go to that place. They have created exactly what you expect from haunted place.

    Story: Fantastic, it's about a 4 people just get disappeared on one night in a hotel elevator and some twists and turns in later. Story makes you stick to chair.

    Direction: Thanks for director actually for taking efforts not to run away from the story for a single moment. The story concentrates entirely on it's goal. It's fast, there's no time to think about anything.

    Why Watch: Actually, there's no bloody horrifying scenes. There's nothing in the movie that will keep kids away from the movie. Director does his job for making a horror film with what he has. This movie is definitely make to watch with family. Thanks Disney for same.

    Why not: Nothing actually to stop you watching. It's 129 mins of pure entertainment.

    Overall Ratings: xxxx (4/5 or 8/10)
  • I love this movie. I went on the ride in Disney world when i was 5(though I didn't like that to much) I loved the movie. It is scary in some parts especially when they play eerie music for little kids and people that haven't seen the movie before but it is very entertaining and has a good plot twist at the end. I love the characters and everyone plays there part really well except sometimes you think wow they are really bad actors but a lot of the time they are really good at acting. I really like sally shine and the person kirstin dunst plays. This movie is very entertaining and i think anyone should see it. It can be scary at times but it is one of the best Disney channel movies they ever made yet!
  • jmhunt13 June 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    While the movie may answer some questions regarding the circumstances surrounding the Hollywood Tower disappearances, it does little else. The movie follows a small group of people as they attempt to figure out what happened in the hotel years earlier, when five people mysteriously vanished from the elevator. I had the "mystery" figured out halfway through the movie and spent the rest of it wondering how stupid those people must have been. Even when I thought they had it figured out, they again surprised me with their stupidity. If you are like me and enjoy a movie with lots of plot twists and an ending you would never expect, then skip this movie. It is way too predictable.
  • I love this movie. It gives a great background story to the ride at Hollywood Studios.
  • I'm a huge fan of the Tower of Terror ride at both Disney's Hollywood Studios and formerly Disney California Adventure (which is now "Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!").

    What I like this movie better is if only because it has nothing to do with the theme of "The Twilight Zone" whatsoever. I also liked how Disney had kept the story of the ride and try to add something fresh and new with it for the movie.

    What also made sense that I liked this movie is because this movie is produced by a person who is a co-executive producer of Stranger Things, which I really like.

    I'm also excited for the theatrical film adaptation, I hope it's good, and I'm hoping that it's also better than the TV film adaptation.
  • goolizap31 October 2016
    I remember watching this movie on TV as a kid and loving it. But I've discovered, upon recently rewatching other Halloween movies from my childhood, that many times they're not as good as I used to think. So naturally, I had the same concerns with 1997's made-for-TV movie Tower of Terror.

    And at first, I thought my worries were coming true. The film does a poor job when trying to force character depth. The dialogue gets clunky and self-aggrandizing. The film doesn't truly shine until it happens organically.

    Steve Guttenberg plays Buzzy, a former newspaper writer, who has lost all his credibility after a story he published turned out to be fake. So he turns to writing tabloid stories instead. He's approached by Abigail Gregory, an old lady who claims to know how child actress Sally Shine, and others, disappeared one night back in 1939 at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. She claims that Shine's nanny used dark magic to trap the young starlet's soul in limbo. Guttenberg thinks he might have a story on his hands and visits the abandoned hotel to investigate.

    Guttenberg lacks a convincing performance, but he still gives us some nice wit. As the movie's lead, he's affable enough. But it's the others around him that shine a little more. Kirsten Dunst as his niece, Anna, provides solid support, but the five actors who play the hotel's ghosts give us some of the film's best moments.

    What the movie does best is craft a fine mystery surrounding the strange 1939 accident and makes us care about its victims--who are all minor-to-supporting characters--but it just fails to keep us interested in its actual leads.

    However, it's truly a fun Halloween movie. One of my favorites for this time of year. Kids will love it. It's not too scary, but eerie enough to pique their interest. And it holds up pretty well, giving adults a very cool story to follow with blindsiding twists. It's definitely as entertaining as I remember.

    Twizard Rating: 89
  • First Please Let Me Say I Am A Zero Fan Of (What I Call) Modern Comedies. The Last Thing I Laughed At Was Most Likely The "Not Ready For Prime Time Players". This Movie Though Was Wonderful, Steady In Pace, No Dead Time, Had Its Laughs Without Being Silly And A Story That Kept Me Interested From Beginning To End.

    The Actors Did A Great Job Of Making The Story Viable And Kept Their Characters Believable. Without Giving The Ending Away I Was Teary Eyed To No End. I Can Not Believe I Waited This Long To See It, But Thank God I Didn't Miss Out On It.

    Don't Miss This One, If You Haven't Yet, It's Rare For New Movies Today To Be Seen And Enjoyed By Everyone. This Is A Movie You And The Kids Will Love .....
  • i think tower of terror is pretty cheesy. its got some romantic scenes, but nothing over G. its a really basic story line, guy needs something for magazine, finds the "tower of terror", solves the problem. he investigates, gets in trouble, is saved, word gets out, and mean while his love interest who dosn't really like him is beginning to really not like him and at the end they like each other. kids like it and adults think it kind of stinks. but hey, Disney made it, and Disney makes things for kids, so who are we to complain if its not made for us? all in all, its alright. but it does get old. i do like the ride at Disney! its based on the movie and it rocks! its scary but it is really neat.
  • "A Thrill Ride!" it says on the front cover. Well, it was not that good! The plot was weak, acting was weak...but I guess as it is a childrens first horror movie it cannot contain much profanity, or as much excitement as we are into. However, Tower of Terror did manage to hold my interests, as I am into those old haunted hotel chillers such as "Nightmare on the 13th Floor (1990) (TV)" and "Shining, The (1980)."

    Steven Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst star as two relatives, an uncle and his niece as they uncover a case surrounding the old Hollywood Tower Hotel, where some guests disappeared, including famous childstarlet Sally. An old woman gives a key to the close family members and they must unlock the book that uncovers the entire story.

    Steve Guttenberg only delivers some achievement as the poor bogus newspaper journalist, unlike Kirsten Dunst who delivers great strength in her role as Anna, the determined niece of Uncle Buzzy played by Guttenberg. The old woman (I don't know her real name) is alright in her role, but her evil cackles are sometimes over done.

    Take it from me, I bought this and it is not something I would want to keep. Maybe rent, once or twice, but...really.
  • This is a movie for kids. It's okay for adults (once) if you don't pay too much attention (and you don't Guttenberg intolerable, which I don't -- quite). My kids have watched this movie many times, and probably will see it many times more (I got it for a couple of bucks at local video store in the used-video bin).

    The other comments and reviews have pointed out that this is the oddity of a ride giving rise to a movie, but the Tower of Terror at DisneyWorld is a really cool ride (perhaps my favorite Disney attraction), so at least the movie has a decent pedigree.
  • This is one of my favorite movies. My favorite Halloween movie, it's just fun and entertaining. The acting is great! Kirsten Dunst who play's Anna Peterson is my #1 and only favorite actress, no other actress beats her! If I could could meet any celebrity in the world, I would want to meet her, she's alway's been a huge inspiration for me, her smile, her laugh, her acting, how funny she is with her body language when she's inside a character, her beautiful singing voice! Her other films include some of my other faves: Jumanji (1995), Little Women (1994), Mona Lisa Smile (2003), Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man 2 (2004), She also provided the voice of Mary Jane Watson for the vidoegame for Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3 which will be out this year May 4, 2007. Great movie, might be a little intense for younger children. Very entertaining (especially if you have a bad hip and need to put ice on it. LOL!!!) Worth seeing, They play it during the 13 nights of Halloween on ABC Family, or it can be found on DVD on Great film. Rock on Kirsten!!!! Can't wait to see her in Spider-Man 3 alongside the ever so amazing Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Spider-Man!
  • As I walk down memory lane the Guttenberg train came to an abrupt halt when I witnessed the worst performance of Steve Guttenberg's career. "The Tower of Terror" was an hour long plus movie; which claimed to be "spooky" and "let's hide under the covers" type of movie for little children. As I struggled to the end, trying to finish this movie I realized that this entire film was to promote the theme ride Tower Of Terror in a long line of Attraction theme park stunts. I never understood why any type of actor would ever choose such a lousy way to ruin their career by making a horrible sell-out decision. The end was so unforgettable I think the writers were even thinking how to end this story. The premise of this entire story could have been solved by a two year old without having to lift a finger to write down who did what where and how! Kirsten Dunst, with as much stage presence has she doesn't have made Bring It On! an Oscar winning performance compared to her puppy doggy sorry eyes as she slowly tries to bring the viewers eyes a please be entertained look on her face. Not to my amazement I had to re-watch this film because I spaced out towards the middle and fell asleep. My grandma said that this movie was absolutely horrible. To sum it up, any adults that read this must punish their kid by watching this film. And I swear to it, your children will not act up ever again after viewing this film. An entire view of this film will help them straighten up and fly right. This viewing critic is glad at least Dunst's career wasn't completely halted by and incredibly wretched acting and Corporate American sell out. If any one had stock in this movie I would tell them one word. SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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