[repeated line]

Norbert: Come on, big hug!

[Norbert squeezes Dag hard as he hugs him]

Norbert: [as Baron Bad Beaver] ... For I am Baron Bad Beaver, master of really, terrible, evil... things...

Daggett: I can't believe it, Norbert.

Norbert: Whassat, Daggett?

Daggett: Our own parents kicked us out.

Norbert: They didn't kick us out. We were the first litter and Mom had a second litter. It's the beaver way.

Daggett: But, Norb. Where will we go? How will we survive?

Norbert: We'll be all right. You've got your Beaver Survival Kit, right?

Daggett: No.

Norbert: Oh, that's not good.

[Dag starts whimpering]

[repeated line]

Daggett: That was nuts!

Daggett: Oh, yeah? Structure this, chart boy!

[pokes his tongue out]

Daggett: Oh, wait - I'm chart boy.

Norbert: Derr - I'm Daggett, I have a chart. If only I had a brain!

Daggett: Urethra! I found something!

Daggett: We're doomed!

[the boys are jumping on the couch]

Daggett: Hey, Norb, let's see who can jump the highest.

Norbert: [bumps the ceiling light and stops jumping] Uh, Dag, I think we should stop.

Daggett: You're just afraid I'll beat you.

Norbert: No, Dag, listen...

Daggett: [teasing] Norby's afraid to jump high.

Norbert: Daggett, listen.

Daggett: Norby's a chicken. BAWK BAWK BAWK. Come on, chicken boy. What are you afraid...

Daggett: [hits the light and gets violently shocked] AAAH!

Daggett: Desperate times call for desperate desperateness.

Daggett: [as Muscular Beaver] What? An unexpected development!

Daggett: How could I be so blind and not see? It's oblivious.

Daggett: Hey, Barry, how come you're so hungry? What's up with that?

Barry: Hey... you're right.

Daggett: Of course I am!

[puts a cup under a cows udder and squeezes it]

Daggett: Come on, Bossy, get with the moo juice!

Daggett: ...I suffered an unexpected prolapse...

Norbert: You mean relapse.

Daggett: Work with me here.

Daggett: Ah, the thrill of victory and the agony of my feet.

Daggett: What in the name of Aunt Eileen's cabbageless coleslaw is going on?

Norbert: What in the name of what's-its-name are you doing?

Daggett: What in the name of Kenneth Tobey's cardboard belt are you two doing here?

Norbert: [dressed as a doctor] It seems like I've forgotten something but I can't remember what. Oh, well, its probably just a matter of life and death. Well, nothing's more important to a doctor than his golf game. Fore!

Daggett: I know my situation is rather unique.

Norbert: The word is psychotic.

Norbert: Listen to yourself.

Daggett: I am!

[awkward pause]

Norbert: My way, you get to keep your tail. Your way, you get a sushi bar following you around.

Daggett: [bluntly] Your point?

Norbert: It'd wreck your social life if you had one.

Daggett: Ooh! Lima beans on a comb!

[Daggett tests the wind with his finger]

Norbert: You're indoors, Daggett, there's no wind.

Daggett: Oh, yeah? What's that coming out of your pie hole?

Norbert: Ooh, good comeback.

Daggett: Really?

Norbert: Erm... no.

[after watching a video of them being born]

Daggett: I'm going to put Dad's army hygiene movies back on.

Norbert: Dag! Don't you see? You're not my brother!

Daggett: Yeah, you wish.

Norbert: And maybe my wish came true.

Daggett: Hey, Norbert! You're at the door!

Bing: Oh, by the way, its me, Bing, by the way.

Daggett: What do you want, Bing-by-the-way?

Norbert: Hey, don't look now, Walt Witless, I think your flowers are being trampled.

Daggett: [getting angry] Get off me bloomin' flowers!

Norbert: What in the name of Jonas Grumby's starched khakis was that?

Norbert: Where in the name of deus ex machina did that T-Rex come from?

Norbert: Let's split up.

Daggett: Why?

Norbert: It makes too much sense to stick together.

Daggett: Oh.

Daggett: In the name of Mike Gerard's overbuilt truck - stop!

Daggett: What's that spooty, spoothead, spoot guy, king of the spoots doing here?

Daggett: With these super cool x-ray specs, I can even see through windows.

Daggett: Die, spooty thing, die!

[repeated line]

Daggett: What in the name of Davy Crockett's sweat-stained buckskins is going on?