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  • lor_10 September 2022
    The corny plot of folks having sex while attending a weekend retreat is trotted out in this lousy VHS feature. It seems like a backyard movie with zilch production values (only outdoor scene looks like someone's rundown backyard, replete with a lazy dog lying on the grass, hardly the look of a deluxe retreat).

    Don Fernando plays Dr. Casey, running the show as group interactive therapy. That means partner swapping with the good doc taking part in the sex. Happy ending has folks going home with new partners, abandoning their original mates.

    It has a crummy cast too, with Fallon overacting throughout as a snobbish, nasty person, someone only the good doc could love (or at least satisfy his lust with). Dialogue is semi-improvised, and movie is padded by not just one but two softcore shower scenes for the ladies to show off.

    Even occasional attempts at a teeny bit of humor fall flat, especially a groaner when untalented Jeff James wakes up and yells a couple of times "Yo, Adrian!", his wife being named Adrian and apparently memories of "Rocky" still in mind in 1991.