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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Much of contemporary porn is so boring it seems to have been made by robots, but this ripoff of the old-age sci-fi film is about robots. Untalented pornographers even rip off the original's logo by having an asterisk (*) displayed in front of the title.

    I have seen a couple of well-made robot porn movies lately from Cathy Barry in England: AER Adult Entertainment Robot 1 & 2. They at least are sexy if short on plot.

    This one is about a call-girl service that supplies customers with femme robots. Stephane Rage and Brandi WIne are certainly attractive mechanical women, but the sci-fi premise is not developed, merely an excuse for humping.

    At one point Julie (played by star Bionca) who's running the service laments: "What a business!", reflecting perhaps subconsciously the unfulfilling nature of what seems exciting to the outsider, namely the profession of a porn actor or actress. I won't explicitly spoil it, but the show's twist for Bionca is about as obvious as you can get.