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  • I remember seeing this movie many years ago. It centers on a group of valley girls who hang out at a mall. They speak "val", you know, like fer shur, totally! Meanwhile, a pair of lesbians are looking to start a prostitution ring, and recruit the valley girls for training.

    The movie starts out very nicely, a neat trip down memory lane, looking at life in Southern California in the '80s. Then it descends into typical porno territory, and is indistinguishable from any other movie in the genre.
  • These plain Janes gag on big ones! The cheap blurry photography copies scenes from Valley Girl shot by shot at the start as two lesbians short on money decide to recruit some teen Valley Girls at the mall for their escort service. Like, why don't they say, get lost you two square bitches! What will the guys at school think? The girls seem thin and flat chested compared to many of their better films. Ron Jeremy with Ashley Shepard has the best scene. John Holmes comes in second place in a group scene featuring his future wife, Misty Dawn. Believe it or not, their huge manhood is almost the only source of excitement in this stale, poorly developed show.