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  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a big auto racing fan, CART in particular, I awaited this movie since the mid-90's when it was discussed as a Formula One movie. However, Formula One wouldn't allow the access that it did for Grand Prix in 1966, so the director defaulted to the North American CART series. CART allowed unprecedented access to its venues, races, paddock, announcers, drivers, sponsors, etc. But this movie fails in that it is nothing more than an auto racing cliché. As a fan, it's hard to rebuff the blood sport aspect of the sport to those who are not fans. The crashes are incredibly unrealistic, some of the tracks are non-existent and the drivers are paper thin. The scene near the swimming pool with the blonde vixen doing some sort of goofy water aerobics is pathetic. The part where Jimmy Bly steals a car (that happens to be filled with fuel indoors and doesn't need an external starter to run) and drives it through the Chicago streets with Stalone in tow is just ridiculous. And to they get arrested or even prosecuted for this action? No, they just are forced to convey one of the stupidest dialogues in the history of racing movies.

    The CART series is in serious trouble in real life. A movie about the excitement of the series, the strategy, the action and the pageantry of racing could have boosted the series back to national respectability. However, this movie just hinders its descent into oblivion with the Can-Am series. It could have been so much more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hey, I didn't watch the film deliberately. I live in a house with two batteries and one of them wasn't in the remote and if I ever find the sod I'm justing going to dispose of it in a fire regardless of what the instructions say.

    You know how in real races they sought through the mangled wreckage in search of the remaining bits of the driver after a crash? That's what it's like trying to find a film amongst the last two hours of my life... except in that this case if I find anything still moving I'm going to hit it with a shovel.

    I've experienced pain in my life, I've experienced head injuries, and oddly I suspect that those involved in making this film have too. The only difference is I let my pain out in a long girlish shrieks and they decide to bottle it up and then inflict it on others.

    Here is the plot *SPOILER*

    Things go in circles.

    Not the cars, the plot. Well, the cars might have done but there were so many random changes of camera angle that I was too busy having a seizure and staining the carpet with my froth.

    So basically the plot is goes as follows: Seizure, despair, seizure, disbelief at plot, seizure, why has that man got a very odd shaped head, seizure, someone almost does something of a social nature, seizure, the first hour of the movie turns out to have no relevance to the first hour, seizure, cars driving down street in a hilariously homoerotic display of gurning and head wobbling, seizure, begging for death, seizure, uncontrollable laughter at quite possibly the most crack-inspired moment in film history, at which point I was too busy crying to have any further seizures.

    I should have stopped watching when my hand subconsciously began crawling towards the jumbo bottle of sleeping pills, yet I became strangely fixated by the horror...much like when you see a crazed but very small dog attacking a pensioner.

    The level of testosterone displayed in this film makes Top Gun look like The Muppets Take Manhattan. Eventually I cringed so much that when they loudly announced they were going to "double-team the field" I slipped a disc. Women are allowed to do two things in the movie, stand there, and bend over. On a side note, neither of the two main ones seem able to do this well for the five seconds of screen time they have before it gets back to the seizures and I suddenly realize I have a shotgun barrel in my mouth and my toe's heading for the trigger.

    I'd like to comment more on the plot but after a while I started drawing a more interesting film on my eyeballs with a pencil. Mine had Godzilla ripping Stallone in half, their film had some car doing something. Mine is better. Just trust me.
  • All i've got to say is that i enjoyed this movie and found it entertaining and an interesting insight into the competition between race drivers and what they go through in a demanding profession. I do wish Estella Warren had more to do in this film, because she is just LUSH! and one of my favourite models. But it seems as though she has just been put in the film for the eye-candy, which is great but she needs to do more because she deserves a better chance to really make it as an actress. But overall it is quite entertaining with the racing scenes and the variety of locations they go to. Maybe it would've been better if it took itself less seriously. A masterpiece it aint, but better than i expected and easy to watch. I say to all the people who are trashing this film, you are entitled to your opinion and so am i. My opinion is that you are a bunch of SNOBS!! Admit it, you are!

    Rating- 8 out of 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's hard to know where to begin to review this movie. At first glance it's harmless enough, but there was a lot about it that annoyed me. So rather than waste a lot of time analysing the merits (or lack thereof) of this film I'll be flippant with the following comments:

    Things this movie taught me:

    1. Young race car drivers are, apparently, so immature as to think that a couple of drinks with a pretty girl means that she wants to have their babies and are willing to get into fisticuffs to protect their (entirely imagined) relationship.

    2. If a driver is injured he doesn't need to see a trained physician to certify him race fit. All he needs to do is hop up and down on a busted ankle for the gratification of his sado-masochistic, wheelchair-bound boss.

    3. If you're a naughty race-car driver you can drive your 200mph, non-street legal Indycar on public highways and the only consequence of this life-endangering stunt will be a small fine.

    4. It is also perfectly acceptable to spin your race car 180 degrees and drive the wrong way around the race track, endangering other drivers, so long as you're doing it to save a friend from a horrible (but well deserved) flaming death.

    5. Wives, girlfriends and brothers of race drivers (or just about anyone who knows them) can not only stand in the team control booth in a self-important manner, but also give orders to the drivers as if they were the team boss.

    6. Tyres that come off cars in accidents can fly hundreds of feet into the air, go over the safety fence, and fall amongst the crowd. But don't worry. So long as you aren't hit when it lands you are safe. Rubber tyres apparently don't bounce at all when hitting concrete bleachers.

    All in all then, this movie is less than impressive. On a scale of 1 to rancid this film gets a solid 4 and a half lard blocks (most of the lard was on Burt Reynolds - will he never give up?)

    Not worth the effort.
  • It's been often mentioned by other reviewers that the art of the cornball must have been engineered by Sylvester Stallone; it's just as often forgotten that true tripe goes unwatched merely because it does not go into wide, national release. So guess which movies always receive the worse rep?

    Having watched the trailer and anticipated this movie for a while, I knew exactly what to expect beforehand: your typical good guy vs. bad guy, fight for glory, 'win-all-lose-all final confrontation' fare. Surprisingly, I encountered something that attempted to be a little more profound, and while it doesn't exactly hint at the meaning of existence, it explores a facet of human relationships which not many other movies in this genre have touched. The movie's tagline, "Welcome to the human race," does a nice job of encompassing all that this film discusses.

    The peculiar thing about the entire setup is that, unlike all other movies in this genre, there are no defined lines. There is no good guy, no bad guy; simply a race for perfection that alludes to the way that most of us wish to live, though the path that we take is an altogether different matter. It's difficult to pick up on, but if enough attention is paid, the idiosyncrasies of each of the characters in this movie speak far more than what their dialogue brings to the table.

    Where the film falters, and causes most of the audience to misperceive its message, is in its presentation. It's frenetic, loud, and highly distracting; and yet, tremendously appealing to this particular viewer. The speed with which the director cuts between shots, pans, zooms, spins, spirals, etc., go hand in hand with the feel of the sport in general, and is indeed very creative -- but it is hard to keep up with what's going on. How are we supposed to know what each character is feeling when the scene cuts away before the dialogue is even finished? How are we supposed to be even able to recognize what's happening on the screen when we're not given more than a two-second break between blaringly obtrusive rock songs? Once again, the movie alludes to the sport itself with the commercialization of its soundtrack. And while highly kinetic, and emotionally involving at times (the opening scene with the media was brilliantly executed for a Jimmy Bly point of view), it's just hard to...keep track of everything.

    But in the end, the main reason anybody is going to watch this movie for is the racing, particularly the accidents that take place at excesses of 200 miles per hour. And it delivers pretty admirably, truth be told. There are a lot of interesting camera positions and perspectives to make you feel a part of the race, and the special effects could be considered top-notch. Kudos to whoever decided to not give the CG cars and items the cheap, laughter-inducing fluidity of movement that's to be found in just about any other movie with computer graphics (though there were a few scenes with this effect). It's not necessarily realistic, and a little simplistic on the artistic scale, but it reaches a satisfying level of subtlety--and at times, it's fascinating to see some of the things that can be done.

    The film is not without its clichés, it sometimes forgets about or fails to discuss a few of its plot points, and the women appear to be portrayed a little 2-dimensionally. But when the crew is watching the race or practice runs from the movie's dramatic camera angles on their small overhead monitor, you simply don't care. The movie takes itself seriously, but it's also intended to be fun; it's merely up to the viewer to interpret how they wish to take it. The first time, it may be a little difficult to swallow, but with subsequent bites, you begin to grow accustomed and appreciate its distinct flavor.

    Here's hoping that Stallone sticks to it for a while longer. I'm hungry for more.

  • fdan7528 April 2001
    I was not giving too much credit about this movie in the beginning but after it I was very surprised. It was different since it took the the driver's point of view, all the pressure and so on. Also Sly was great and just showed a very equal point of view from both pilots.

    Eventhough the main background is Indy, Formula One fans can identify easy the major stars like Shumacher performed by Brandeburg ( even the red suit from Ferrari, same hair style and same attitude) also Frank Williams is found by the team director on a wheel chair. The Brazilian driver ( that is performed by a Chilean actor with a strong accent when he says thanks) also had a booklet on Ayrton Senna another F1 driver.

    Anyway for those who like a good race it is highly recommended. The soundtrack is very good too and Stallone definetly did a good job!
  • This movie was so bad that the producers owe us another movie just to bring the rating up to zero. It is an insulting slap in the face to every race fan who ever lived and I would suggest that viewers immediately initiate a class action lawsuit to recover the money they wasted on this picture and compensation for the time spent watching it. The ONLY technical aspect of racing that they got right was the fact that the cars, at least SOME of the time, had four wheels. Otherwise, it was obvious that the writer knew absolutely nothing about motor racing. I would suggest that Sylvester Stallone should have at least watched an Indy car race before he wrote this piece of junk.

    The computer-generated images were so bad that they probably set back the acceptance of CGI in movies another 50 years. The acting was about as real as the cartoon-like car crashes and all the actual Indy car drivers should have had their agents collectively sue to have their names replaced in the credits by "Allan Smithee."

    I would watch this movie again only if forced to, and only for the pleasure of walking out of it and demanding my money back again.
  • I watched the new and read the papers and began to expect an OK, fast-paced movie that would still be fun but not a good movie. I would now like to completely disagree with every critic who gave a poor rating to this movie. There were times in the movie where I got angry at something happening but then very shortly afterwards the problem that kind of annoyed me was solved perfectly and made the movie continue to flow. The weird thing about the movie is how there are about 4 main characters, all in the movie about an equal amount of time and all equally heroic and fun to watch. And even at the point where you think they're just going to screw up the whole movie something happens to smooth out the bumps. And next not only was the songs for the movie integrated really well into what was happening, but all the songs kicked! The first thing I am going to do tomorrow is go out and buy the soundtrack. I would write more but I'd probably take up another 5 paragraphs explaining how perfectly the movie worked out its problems and everything you wanted to happen or something even better than what you wanted to happen does! This movie was incredible! 10 out of 10!
  • richeryv4 February 2002
    Warning: Spoilers
    (some spoilers) I missed the flick in the theatres due to bad and unfair reviews so I rented it at the local videostore last week. I expected it to be a F1 movie but the story takes place in the CART milieu instead. As a big F1 fan I was a bit disappointed but it turned out to be a very pleasant and impressive movie with breathtaking race scenes, creative camera angles and stunning special effects. Eventhough the race and crash scenes were not realistic it's still very funny to watch (in a scene Memo's car goes airborne spinning through the air for half minute before crashing into a lake!). In a real race Sly would have received a time penalty or even a black flag for his blocking on Brandenburg in his first race and another one in his desperate attempt to overtake him in the final one. Moreover, due to the crashes the races would have been stopped several times. I was also very surprised that there were no safety cars in the entire movie… But who cares ? If you want to see a normal race turn on the tv on sundays ! Remember it's an action film and its purpose is to entertain. Here you get action, fun, a good score, nice girls… and a thrilling chase sequence through the streets of Chicago(!). I really do think that Renny Harlin and Stallone have done a great job and I'm looking forward to watching the sequel ! 8/10 stars PS : It seems that Burt Reynolds underwent some plastic surgery or something.Weird.
  • Utter and complete tripe - a film that is without any credibility, if for no other reason that it had the absolute temerity to think it could upstage Frankenheimer's 1966 masterpiece GRAND PRIX, on which it is so loosely yet obviously, based! Working on the assumption that 90% of viewers would never have seen (let alone heard of) GRAND PRIX, Stallone wrote himself a ROCKY on the racetrack.

    Cornball script, z-grade fx....well thats to be expected, the Formula 1 people were never going to allow a loser like Harlin and his production flunkies anywhere near near the real thing, unlike the latitude extended to John Frankenheimer during GRAND PRIX's filming in 1965.

    Look, I'm not even wasting more words on this affront to cinematic good taste. If you liked THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS you might be suitably underwhelmed by this crap!
  • Warning: Spoilers

    I see good points and bad points in this movie. First the bad. Outsiders and people who don't know much about Formula One racing and their ilk might not get the lingo. (Trust me, I consider myself an outsider but know enough about racing to get drawn into the movie.) Outsiders probably will shun this movie and shut it off before it hits the end of the movie. It'll totally bounce off their brains. Probably why this movie got so poor movie reviews is because critics aren't racing fans. It has the edge, but perhaps it's that edge they don't like.

    Second, Gina Gershon (sp?) for some reason wasn't made for this role. She just totally sucked in it. She's been great in other movies like Bound and especially The Insider. But she's too snobby for her own good in this movie. She doesn't play the part of an a**hole very well. Sure she was an a**hole in The Insider but for some reason she pulled it off there.

    Third, some of the car accidents looked a tad overdone.

    Now for the good. The dvd is totally rad. 51 minutes of deleted scene's. With Stallone commenting. Who the hell can top that? This is a speed movie it'll catch you if your into that type of thing.

    Recognizing actors in here was fun to. Including the youngsters brother. Knew him straightway from Dead Poets Society. The enemy (for awhile :) played a Replacement Killer in The Replacement Killers. The actress who played Sophie looks alot like Jennifer Connelly. Not kidding. You compare them and you'd swear they were twins. :) Not that that's a bad thing.

    In the end, I like this movie enough to buy it. (haven't yet, but wait a few months and we'll see). Like I said before though...outsiders beware... racing might not be up to your stuff.


    Quality: 6/10 Entertainment: 10/10 Replayable: 9/10
  • I love CART racing. I love any form of auto racing. When I first heard that Sly Stallone set production the first auto racing movie of the 21th. century I rose in excitement. I was even lucky enough to be at the Toronto Indy to watch portions of the filming as Champ car replicas roared out of the paddock. Watching this movie, I was treated to some fantastic special effects that were taken to level very close to the 1966 classic Grand Prix. Unfortunately, details of Driven's plot resembled Grand Prix too closely for this movie to be considered a creative attempt. Jimmy Bly(Kip Purdue) and Beau Brandenburg(Til Schweiger) both provided very respectable roles as co-stars alongside Sylvester Stallone playing the aging veteran driver Joe Tanto. The characters were developed enough through the film to understand their unique personalities. I was deeply impressed with how Driven displayed the drivers as understandable of their competitors and respected each other on the race track. I hate how some racing movies turn racing into a reckless grudge match. One of the worst elements in this movie is that only three drivers with the exception to happy go lucky teammate Memo Heguy (Who ran in place of Tanto for races) were shown within a twenty-plus driver field. Actual indy-style open-wheel racing is often much more competitive than shown in Driven. This movie shortfall was probably left over from the Formula One script that Stallone started with. All and all, Driven has weaknesses when comparing it as a great racing movie. But, it was a very suitable movie for family entertainment.
  • calimn10 August 2001
    Stallone is back, but this movie is not a new Rocky as all Sly`s fans were expecting. The plot is good, also the screenplay, but Harlin - as an automobilistic races aficionado -looses his hand on this movie.Driven has goos camera angles, good editing but I thing it`s kind of repetitive when it starts to show one race after another... always the same sequence: 3 days before the race, some(good)dialogues and the race itself... all the way, `till the end. Sly is fine, but the movie has something overated... I don`t know if it is the computer effects or the jumped sequënce of cenes. Cristian deLa Fuente is a good actor too, but his Portuguese is awful (something like my english, as You can read) Well, I think that Sly will make a new Rocky only when he get another $950.000 (that`s how much costs Rocky I) and direct himself a movie.
  • This load of garbage has to be one of the worse sports movies ever foisted on the movie going public. The storyline was trite and predictable, the acting was so wooden I thought I was looking at a story about dead trees and apart from some shots of actual CART races, which stood out as the only good looking bits of the movie, the cinematography and editing looked positively amateurish. A couple of special effects looked ok but, as is often the case with inadequate movies, mostly they were used to cover for a load of crap. An example is the sequence where a car is flying through the air in slow motion while cars pass by underneath the car in a blur. Ridiculous. The racing incidents looked unrealistic and the cars racing through the city was positively ludicrous. A good example of the way to show a sequence like that is Smash Palace. Save your money, or time if you are thinking about watching the movie on TV. It is a shame that the scale only goes down to 1 as it deserves less than that. This movie also shows that Stallone was at his "acting" peak as the grunting mumbling blockhead in the Rambozo movies.

    I would rather stick my most sensitive anatomical parts in a running blender filled with a cocktail of aftershave, iodine and salt water connected to the electrical mains than watch this load of fetid dingo droppings again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you're a die-hard racing fan or like to pick apart movies for fun, this movie is not for you. However, if you like movies for sheer entertainment, great soundtracks, and a deeper look at relationships in general, this one is brilliant.

    Taken at more than face value, the screenplay is brilliantly written. Throughout the movie we see not just supporting characters, but every character dealing with their own individual struggles. We see both sides of every main character, whether it's icy Beau's vulnerability or Demille Bly as part cruel manager and part loving brother. There is no "flat" person in this story; at any time these could be real people at any race track, driving because it's their life.

    As far as the acting goes, strong performances from Burt Reynolds and Robert Sean Leonard. Til Schweiger is also fantastic, effortlessly portraying the snobby race-driver Beau Brandenburg. Gina Gershon is to die for as the woman you love to hate, and Brent Briscoe always makes you laugh as the hilarious Crusher. For Pardue, I loved this part for him. Though he does slip up once, his role is absolutely believable from start to finish.

    The special effects are pure fun. Not all of them are realistic, but the purpose is to draw you into the atmosphere, which they do.

    Don't overthink it, just turn the volume up and enjoy it.
  • This is definitely one of Sly's better movies. He has disappointed us with his last couple of movies but this one is a winner. it has a great plot, good action scenes and a kick ass soundtrack. Definitely ranks up there with Rocky and Rambo 2.
  • This movie was definitely better than I anticipated. There are some fantastic Formula I driving and crash scenes in here, and the sound of engines was fun to hear. I make those statements despite not being much of an auto racing fan, either. If I was, I would have really loved the movie.

    Another appealing aspect was that the three lead characters were all good guys. There are annoying "bad people" in the movie but they are all minor characters.

    The ending is predictable and, yes, there are some of the typical things you see and hear in many Sylvester Stallone films but not as dumb as many of them (the bad ones, that is.)

    Because of the superlative visuals and audio, this is a good movie to see on a nice TV and a nice surround system. Mine are okay but I can imagine what this would look and sound like on something really good. I wish I could appreciate auto racing more, but I liked the film anyway and recommend it to non-racing fans.
  • After all the preparations of getting hold of the state of the art race cars and setting them up on the racetrack, it is a shame and a disappointment to race fans to watch this movie, because it is so very unrealistic. Most of the action would never take place in real life racing. The chase-scene which includes the race cars in a down-town high speed pursuit is actually very intertaining if you disregard the computer-animated Playstation-inspired action sequences and the fact that racecars cannot be fired up by jumping into the drivers seat and turning the none-existing ignition key. If you are a race fan don't bother to watch this movie - it is too painfull.
  • Ugh. Stallone once commented that he wished he'd never made this movie, and I can't help but agree with him: DRIVEN is a complete load of tosh and a stain on the careers of both the actor as well as director Renny Harlin, a guy who's made his fair share of codswallop in his time.

    DRIVEN is a flashy, nonsensical racing drama, filled with all of the cheesy jump cut editing that you'd expect from a first-time director just learning the ropes, not a guy who once made the classic that is DIE HARD 2 and who directed Stallone in the engaging action flick CLIFFHANGER. Beneath the style there's very little substance indeed, with the film focusing on the boring young characters while leaving the seasoned pros (Stallone, Burt Reynolds) on the sidelines with little to do.

    Even worse, the story is littered with discrepancies and plot holes, from criminal actions having no comeuppance to the general anything-to-win theme, which is all over the place. The race scenes themselves should be the highlight of this production but they're dull beyond belief, interspersed with some awful CGI shots. I don't have a single good word to say about this movie, other than that I've seen worse, but that really ISN'T a commendation.
  • Recent Car Flicks have been deadly dull affairs.both Gone in 60 Seconds and The Fast and the Furious bored me so i had little hope for this.However i like Renny Harlin as a Action Director and this is really quite good.Suprisingly this is not a one star show.Though thanks to the Pathetic Warner DVD UK Release you could be forgiven for thinking this wasnt a Stallone Picture But An Estelle Warren movie.Shame on Warner for that.The Action Scenes are great,yes theres CGI but what recent movies are not?Yes its total Fantasy,But thats Fiction.Fun.7 out of 10
  • Trapster19 September 2001
    I am very surprised by how poorly this film has been received by the movie-going public. Both professional film critics from around the country as well as people from the general public are often tearing this film apart on every level - characters are underdeveloped, the editing is too choppy, the story is too simple, etc. I think that people are being overly harsh, by a lot.

    DRIVEN is a fun, highly entertaining film that I would recommend to most people. I must admit, however, that I have a soft spot for both Renny Harlin and Sly Stallone. Regarding Renny, I am a fan of Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, and Deep Blue Sea (though I was not as impressed with Cutthroat Island and The Long Kiss Goodnight). I really like his style of film-making and the way he shoots his action sequences. I realize that his films are not worthy of Academy Awards, but they do succeed in what they set out to do. Regarding Sly, I grew up on the Rocky and Rambo films and have been a fan of his for many years. I see all of his movies in the theater, and I've recently been disappointed by some of his choices. Get Carter was fine, but not as good as I had hoped it would be. Thus, when DRIVEN was released I had high hopes for it and really wanted it to be good. As it turns out, I was quite pleased.

    Rather than discuss the plot of the film, which can be found in many reviews all over the Web, I thought I should mention The DRIVEN DVD that I just purchased. The DVD is full of extras, all of which are very interesting. Renny's running commentary is engaging, and the behind the scenes featurettes are also quite informative. What is most interesting is the 50 minutes of deleted scenes that are accompanied by a Stallone commentary. Here we get to watch scenes that were cut from the film and hear from Stallone what the original intent of the scenes were. It turns out that the original cut of the film was 4 and a half hours long. Clearly, Sly wrote a script that was filled with character development, but most of those scenes were cut in order to speed up the pacing of the film. This is too bad, because I feel that the inclusion of some of these scenes would have made the film stronger. Also, the DVD looks and sounds amazing. The picture is sharp and the Dolby Digital sound is incredible.

    If you are curious about this movie, I think that it is worth a rental, at least. It may not be for everybody, but I think that it's much more fun that most of the movies that came out this summer.
  • I must say that I am a Huge Kip Pardue fan and have been since "Remember the Titans". I found this movie to be quite thrilling and a true winner. Hands down to Sylvester Stallone. Kip is sure to be one of Hollywood's hot stars! Oh, and the soundtrack is magnificent as well. I encourage you to buy it.
  • lemmytl-196-45648426 October 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    i remember sly on the f1 grid getting ideas didn't get many i see plot was bad and as for the racing nothing like real racing unless your on a PlayStation so don't watch it i gave up never watched the end what a waste of my time!!!!!!!!!!!! OK so it goes like this. race car drivers at each others throats over a women sly as mentor showing the rookie how to do it real race driver names just to make it sound real over the top crash scenes that they just walk out of i know safety is good in moto sport now but come on oh yes and don't forget the love triangle so all in all waste of time could have done so much better not even worth watching on a Sunday with a large hangover and i nearly forgot the awful commentating so do not watch i only gave 1 star as it has some fit women in it. !
  • Driven was a very exciting movie. It was much better than I expected and I understood why Stallon was very proud of himself writing this movie. I was going to see The Mummy Returns, but then all my friends were saying Driven is alot better, so I ended up watching Driven with them (second time for them). I really didn't like the role of Gina G., but everything else was very nicely done ESPECIALLY racing/crashing scenes. They were just breathtaking. The movie starts out kind of slow, but it builds up toward the end and you get to know the characters alot better. Sure, every car racing movies have bad plots they say... But you can definitely watch this one for fun. If you like other racing movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, Days of Thunder, this one is a MUST-SEE. Gets 10 out of 10. Way to go Stallon!
  • This is an excellent movie. Kip Pardue gives a believable performance. Sylvester Stallone did a good job writing and acting in this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants a fast pace and intense ride.
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