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  • jj_hansell26 February 2021
    Smoking hot video from Michael Carpenter, to whom we should all be eternally grateful for producing such high grade wall to wall pornography during the 1980s, starting with the Horny Honeys, Golden Girls & Seductress 8mm loops, and on through features like this one. All the trademarks that made Carpenter's erotica so enticing are here: beautiful well endowed, unshaven young women who often break the fourth wall, staring at the viewer & expressing their delight at the acts in which they are engaged. Plenty of lesbian action, including a marvelous scene with a teenage Nora Kuzma & a 30 something Erica Boyer, who samples the young girl's wares with a hunger & desire that doesn't seem like acting. Erica uses her patented "tit to slit" method, rubbing her majestic mammaries against Nora's genitals, as she did in nearly every lesbian scene she ever did. Unfortunately, Nora Kuzma went by another name in her porn career & all but one of her movies has been banned, but you can find this one if you look for it, and you don't need her scenes to get you off, either. Nubile young ladies like Candi Robbins, Heather Wayne & Erica Boyer will do the trick just fine.