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  • Seldom seen, but a classic piece of erotica - if you can find it. The plot is flimsy as expected, but the sheer quality of the cast makes this both an entertaining and stimulating piece of pornography. Traci Lords and Ginger Lynn both look incredibly beautiful and young, but not *that* young (in fact Ginger looks the junior of the two) while Reems and Holmes bring their usual presence to the movie. While living with her Svengali screen partner Reems, Traci meets up with old school friend Ginger and gives her a 'guiding hand' into the industry. Ginger's first appointment is with eagle-eyed porn agent Holmes, who tells her "You have no experience, no portfolio and no agent - you're probably perfect for this business!" After the deal is 'closed' on Holmes' desk, Ginger gets into the swing of the erotica industry, before shooting a scene with Reems that extends into the bedroom. Reems' girlfriend Traci finds out about it, and angrily confronts Ginger, before they kiss and make up - in the spa - and then extract some measure of revenge on poor Harry. The true value of this movie is in the celebrity of its four major stars, and particularly the attractiveness of the two female leads (80s fashion and hairstyles notwithstanding). The sex scenes are convincingly played and not as unrealistic or staged as in most erotica.
  • A pornstar (Traci Lords) introduces her best friend (Ginger Lynn) to the world of porn. Seduction, infidelity, and redemption are all a part of this story. The stunning part of this movie is the title and the inference of young girls. As we know porn superstar Traci Lords was probably 16 yrs old during the filming of this movie. Underage as she was in all but one of her entire porn career. How could they not know? Producers, directors, and Co stars. Well you have to see this young girl in action to know why. She dominates her scenes with even the most venerable male stars. She dominates her girl girl scenes with Lynn. And she does so because she combines on screen confidence with an incredibly fully developed figure with great curves and her ample 36D bosom . Fact is the girl made love like a woman with complete control of her body, her actions, and performed as if she'd been in the industry for a decade.
  • I cannot belive that I traded a copy of this to a roommate for a used bed in the mid-80s (before the facts were known. My god, the 69 scene between Traci and Ginger is outstanding! It is forever burned into mind's eye. Life affirming.
  • This is a fine movie with some of the greats in the industry and one who would turn the industry on its ear. See this movie.