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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Obviously after viewing, this is clearly just porn, but the semblance of a story replete with plenty of voice-over narration and intended plot twists lulls the audience into expecting some sort of logical movie. Ultra-hack director Kurt Nelson has zero ability, even though he hogs all the credits: writer, director, cinematographer and editor.

    To briefly describe the action, which makes little sense, we have our brunette heroine Brandy Wine telling most of the story in voiceover, as she has to deal with a stalker of an ex boyfriend Charlie (Tom Byron, quite unconvincing in the role with a mustache to make him look older). Her actions don't match what she says, as she keeps rebuffing the clearly abusive fellow, yet goes to bed with him instantly when he asks. After sex she's as cold and standoffish as before, negating any fake passion we witness.

    Scenes are edited together arbitrarily with no sense of actual story progression, and no attempt at defining the place as Beverly Hills. Byron has had her under surveillance and pays the unscrupulous detective Robert Bullock while they watch Stephanie Rage do a striptease. No budget for a club set apparently, as the location of this bar is a crummy set not resembling a bar or club.

    Government agents Ron Jeremy and Nina DePonca have Byron under surveillance, apparently involved in some mob dealings, and after idiotic chatter Nina seduces the hedgehog for some interracial sex. Her character immediately disappears from the movie after that.

    Double-dealer Bullock is unbelievably pulling a fast one on his client Byron, breaking into heroine Brandy's home and informing her from behind his masked hood that Charlie is planning to kill her (rather than possess her as previous scene indicated). Then Bullock meets with his female confederate Lisa More (aka Lisa Bright) and before they make love he announces (for the audience) that he's got it all arranged that when Charlie is killed the two of them will collect somehow on his $500,000 insurance policy. None of this is credible, and is ultimately contradicted by later scenes.

    Plowing along, Rage, with her new big fake breasts on view, instantly seduces Byron after taking him to a shabby room that looks like some storage area -again a ridiculously crummy set. She brings along out of nowhere fellow stripper Lynn LeMay for a threesome with Byron. At this point in porn history LeMay has not yet embarked on her series of breast expansions, so the two blondes have a newly enhanced Rage and a relatively flat Lynn vying for our attention as we watch lucky Tom hump both of them.

    Returning to heroine Brandy's story, she's hanging out with good old Buck Adams as "Danny", and they have outdoor sex including an actobatic "69" (he holds her up in the air vertically upside down during the awkward maneuver). This filler is introduced by voice-over but is completely extraneous to the rest of the movie.

    Suddenly a very brief scene at night of Byron being shot to death by ??. Jumpcut to Lynn LeMay doing a striptease, watched by Ron Jeremy, who then pays Rage a wad of cash to f*ck her. Immediately after his cum shot, Ron puts the handcuffs on Rage and reads her the Miranda rights, charging her with murdering Byron -roll the credits.

    The viewer is left to sort out this ridiculous nonsense with all plot threads left hanging.

    I'm only glad I didn't have to sit through this in a theater back in the day (it was made for video).