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  • Some talented actors just can't turn down a script -witness Robert De Niro's latter-day career. In porn this seems even more exaggerated (especially since scripts are generally optional), as evidenced by stinkers like BLACK & WHITE AFFAIR boasting not unknown players but the cream of the crop.

    Lisa De Leeuw is introduced as "Maid Marian" (not a Robin Hood character but just a housemaid) sucking Jack Baker's cock under his dinner table. This video is so lousy even a comedian like Baker is billed under a phony name: Jack Bally. He's Lord Harrington, married to a sexy actress I identified as Sahara, though she's not listed in the credits at all. Similarly uncredited are Peter North as the chauffeur and Steve Drake as grounds-keeper enjoying interracial sex. A lesbian scene, all-white, is tossed in for the fans between De Leeuw and fellow maid Desiree Lane.

    Highlight of this trash has to be Sahara sexily washing her limo with alternately her tits and her ass squishing all wet against the car window -COOL HAND Luke on steroids. This soft-core scene puts the film's obligatory by-the-numbers hardcore footage to shame.

    Director/cinematographer Jack Genero's career goes all the way back to the roots of San Francisco porn, but in this lame attempt to cash in on the then-hot genre of interracial porn he is both foolish and careless. If you shoot a feature that even Peter North won't put his name on you're in deep trouble.
  • Sahara and Jack Baker play a wealthy black couple who have it all, including white servants who supply their every intimate need. Best is Sahara and her chauffer (Peter North) where she supplies one heck of a strip show car wash on the door window. Baker gets a blow job under the table from Lisa Deleeuw, while he eats and supplies what comes for dessert.