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  • Set in Louisiana, this old-school porn feature by reliable filmmaker Stuart Canterbury has its awkward moments, but overall pumps life into that hoary plot gimmick of a magical love spell.

    Most interesting for me was the depiction of the two lead romantic characters as completely unlikable. Deidre Holland and Jon Dough can easily be charming, but here meet the challenge of behaving badly yet still challenging us to remain interested in them.

    They're co-workers at a firm run by Tony Tedeschi. Tony and his secretary/sex interest Brittany O'Connell (always a bright light in any porn video of the era) are the main players who attempt a Southern-fried accent, while director Canterbury does conjure up quality atmosphere in the bayou setting.

    Basically, Dough is infatuated with Holland but utterly inept at getting to first base with her. He's always doing the wrong thing and comes perilously close to being fired by Tony for sexual harassment with her. On a trip to a strip club (which features beauties P. J. Sparxx and Sunny McKay who put on lesbian sex shows on stage) he's accosted by an old coot played by character porn actor EZ Ryder who encourages him to visit a shack in the swamp to obtain a love spell from a witch. Dough is rude to Ryder, but desperate enough to take him up on this b.s.

    Of course, many sex scenes later, including an unusual one where Deidre sits by a pool watching a couple of hired sex workers (Alicia Rio and Steve Drake hump together), the witch's spell comes to pass, with the hot Holland/Dough outdoor coupling already teased at the very beginning of the movie, then brought to fruition just in time for an easily anticipated "shock" ending.

    No Roy Orbison or Linda Ronstadt warbling here, but a nice diversion is delivered here.