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  • A very talented (but obscure) actress named Jasper teams up with Rebecca Bardoux to enliven "The Breast Files", a minor porn video that spawned a couple of sequels.

    They apply for jobs offered by mad scientist Dr. Evil (Mike Horner in a wonderfully hammy turn). Little do they know that he'll drug them, implant microchips in their breasts (where else?) in order to exert mind control over government officials. After sex the microchips activate and take over the otherwise satisfied (libido wise) victims. It's a stupid plot yet better than the dreadful one concocted for the recent "BraindDead" TV series.

    The girls' patter is genuinely amusing, especially as delivered by ditsy blonde Jasper. She also has beautiful breasts, more or less a requirement for this type of video.

    Breast in show goes to Bionca Trump, her last name inadvertently adding nowadays to the Washington D.C. backdrop of the piece. Nicole London has a bit part as another staffer on Horner's roster of "nurses", who are really acting as whores.

    Coming attractions indicate that the sequels aim more at an X Files spoof, but for big-breast fans who need amusement with their erotic stimulation this is successful. And I wish Jasper had become a star.