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  • I haven I last saw this film in the early 50s but any wisecrack film researcher out there should revive this gem for ballet nostalgia of the loveliest kind..wistful, black & white images of the long-lost halls where we went to practise in our little ballet shoes & the echoes of the plunking piano music.. acute fears of failure, wild visions of relevant for the Russian ballet-lovers as well as us in England or America. It is a wonderful memory of childhood heart-stop in the excitement of a chance of dancing in the future that transformed our deary reality into sparkling hopes. A good Christmas film for TV that grannies & granddaughters will really love.
  • Watched this in the mid to late sixties on German TV and was always trying to find a copy. Is there anybody out there who has one and would be willing to make a copy for me? I'm looking for this one for more than 40 years. This would be a dream come true! My e-mail address is

    The British Children's Film Foundation (CFF) produced lots of very good and very thrilling movies for kids in the fifties and until the mid sixties. Everything that has been made after 1966 is unfortunately not nearly as good as the early black & white films.

    Rank Screen Services and Rayant Pictures were among the movie production companies who made movies for CFF.

    I remember one scene where the little ballerina got locked in a room at the dance school by a jealous girl to keep her from performing in front of a jury.

    The CFF has been founded by Mary Field.