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  • zargonddg14 January 2000
    This film has a lot of good things happening for it. The scene with Asia in a threesome is really good. There is also a good scene with a girl in a plaid skirt stripping, and I've always been a sucker for a short skirt. This a film I would recommend for a guy more than a couple since none of the shots are romantic or very conscious of the girls pleasure.
  • lor_17 May 2017
    Final half of Paul Thomas's follow-up to his successful 2-part Ashlyn Gere/Randy West "Bonnie & Clyde" is pathetic, an insultingly stupid attempt to bamboozle the audience.

    In both parts I was reminded of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's quite similar project "Beware of a Holy Whore", a bitter and biting appraisal of the process of filmmaking which the late wunderkind made as a response to his dissatisfaction while shooting a failed international Western titled "Whity". PT's look behind the scenes is ridiculous compared to RWF's insight.

    Buck Adams is back doing a terrible job as the jealous producer spying on his wife/leading lady Raquel Darrian. They're filming "Bonnie and Clyde" with Derrick Lane co-starring; both Derrick and Raquel were featured in the PT original but were upgraded to starring roles in these 2 follow-ups. The title "Revenge" is an extremely lame bait & switch, leading the viewer to expect some action (maybe a shoot-out or two) when in fact all we get are the requisite XXX scenes and a lot of blather.

    Isis Nile steals the show as a very sexy girlfriend rejected by Derrick callously, who gets a p.a. job on the crew and is later victimized by the show's director Steven St. Croix and an after-thought actor Tony Tedeschi (whose name is even left out of the end credits by mistake) in the film's worst sequence. They bamboozle Isis into thinking she'll get a featured part in the movie by humping them in a 3-way, but she gets fired instead.

    Non-ending is awful, and delivered in a typical "who cares?" fashion by Thomas, wrapping up a pointless exercise. Running time is about 67 minutes once the Recap at the opening (bringing us up to date via previous "The Secrets of Bonnie and Clyde"), but ultimately this amounts merely to five sex scenes thrown together with worthless "story" material.