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22 June 2006 | cricharddavies
| Half a movie, but a pretty good half
This film (and I believe that it was shot on film) suffers from the mid-90s tendency of adult film producers to try to make more money by shooting a film and releasing it in two parts, on two different VHS tapes. So it ends without resolving all its issues. And to be fair to the writers, they really did try to give this one an interesting plot. Ostensibly, it's set behind the scenes on a pornographic remake of "Bonnie and Clyde" -- referenced by stating that Clyde Barrow was "impotent" -- with Racquel playing the part of an actress playing Bonnie, who's having relationship problems with a jealous husband and being tempted by her "Clyde."

Darrian, easily one of the most beautiful women to ever work in adult films, gives a pair of excellent scenes here, of which the better is her lesbian three-way with then-rookie Asia Carerra and Tara Monroe. (Amusingly, in her interview for "True Hollywood Story: Savannah", Darrian claims that she's not even remotely interested in women. She was clearly a much better actor than anyone has ever given her credit for being.) But the real winner in this film is the three-way between Monroe, Nichole London and some guy. (I could look up which guy it was, but it's not really important.)

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