Scott Foley was cast as Ben on the show, but the producers could not find anyone to play Noel, so they asked him to take that role while they found a different actor for Ben.

For the second season, star Keri Russell cut her long hair short, and the network moved the show to Sunday nights. Ratings declined. The network blamed it on Russell's hair, not the move to Sundays, and required the rest of the cast not to cut their hair. On both sets of DVDs recently released by the WB, it is mentioned numerous times that Felicity cutting her hair was written into the script by Abrams and Reeves. Keri Russell did not do it on her own.

In season one, episode 5 (Spooked), Felicity sees Ben kissing a girl in a pink Power Ranger costume at the Halloween party. Amy Jo Johnson (Julie) previously played the pink Power Ranger in the Power Ranger series and movies.

In one episode, Noel tells Felicity that he's working on his website, This was an actual website that included a dorm calendar, dorm party photos, samples from Noel's portfolio, and other details related to Noel's life. The site was updated a few times. The site's ownership has since changed hands and the content has been revised. However, it still looks like Noel's life. The computer script that "runs" at the beginning is a set of instructions for how to be Noel.

At the end of the second season, Megan tells Elena about how she dated a guy named Chad Savage. Chad Savage is a producer on the show.

Several actors in the show also featured/starred in the comedy 'Scrubs': Keri Russell, Scott Foley, Donald Faison, Amy Smart, Bob Clendenin, Elizabeth Bogush and John Ritter.

After Meghan and Sean are married and her parents are upset, Meghan mentions that her Dad always wanted her to be with John Eisendrath - which is the name of one of the producers on the show.

Richard Coad - the goofy friend of Noel's - is also the name of the 2nd Assistant Director on the show.

In Season 2, Episode 5 "Crash", the PlayStation game that Elena and Noel are obsessed with is "Crash Bandicoot".

J.J. Abrams gave a few nods to 'Star Wars' (in the first season episode 'Spooked' and the one when Noel tells Felicity he's going to Berlin). He later went on to direct the newest 'Star Wars' franchise

In 1999, a publicly hyped young writer for the show, Riley Weston, was revealed as a deceiver because she claimed to be much younger than she really was. At the age of 32, she began to market herself to TV studios as a recent high school graduate, posing her husband as her older brother. She was soon hired by the WB Network as a writer for Felicity. Praised as a young writer, she appeared on Entertainment Weekly in the 1998 list of "100 Most Creative People in Entertainment," which described her as an up-and-coming nineteen-year-old. Shortly thereafter, she was offered a six-figure scenario writing arrangement with Disney. Her real identity and age became visible after a Felicity producer checked her social security number. Shortly thereafter her contract with WB expired and was not renewed, and her deal with Disney fell through.

This is the 2nd series in which an actor/actress from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers costarred with Keri Russell. This being Amy Jo Johnson. The 1st was Walter Jones in Malibu Shores.