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  • arturopanduro9 January 2002
    This movie sure is a gyp. The video box cover is very attractive and misleading. Ginger stars in this all right, but she only has two sex scenes in it. One of them is played out on Kim Angeli's TV screen in the movie (and features Ginger with Nikki Knights & Herschel Savage), and the other one (an awful Rick Savage scene with no hardcore action) looks as though it was an outtake of one of her previous videos, shot two years prior to this production. So, maybe Ginger didn't want to do anymore sex scenes during the making of this, I don't know. I do know, however that this was her last Vivid feature and that she had to make it and didn't really want to. In her scenes throughout the movie however, though mostly non-sexual, she looks wonderful. The only highlight I can think of is the scene with Nina Hartley, Scott Irish & Tom Byron, which is pretty hot. Recommended only for the true Ginger Lynn fan or any Nina Hartley fan.