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  • Here it is....One of the greatest sex comedies to grace those big silver drive in screens in the 70's...Honestly it's not good by any standards...what can you expect when your 2 big stars are out of Playboy and Penthouse? but does anyone who sees this movie (or the others that are like it) really think that some producer somewhere was sitting there thinking about how to make the next "Gone with the Wind"..It's T&A that they were after and that's the result in this adult comedy that by today's standards is actually quite tame (no it's not going to be ABC's big picture show either). As I said the 2 Stars Mariwin Roberts and Sandy Johnson were both out of Penthouse and Playboy in that order...and it's not like either of them said "I'm going to challenge Liz Taylor for the Oscar this year"--so I guess that you can say that they did their best with what they had..If I had to give an example of if you liked something else...I guess it's like a "Kentucky Fried Movie" in a very slim way...If you are lucky enough to find this one (it's so hard to find anywhere) you may want to pick it up and see it--maybe rent something like "Boob Tube" or "The Cheerleaders" and make a Drive-In type night out of will bring back a rush of old memories if you did see it in the 70's.
  • I remember just turning 16, this was the first movie I saw at the drive-in when I was driving. Laughed my a** off. Movie might have been cheap but the gags were great. If anybody out there can get a copy of this, please contact me, I'd love to see it again. Probably one of my favorite jokes was the one about the farmers wife, (I know, it's usually the farmer's daughter). The traveling salesman slept in the same bed as the farmer and his wife and of course she was a fox, when the farmer fell asleep, the salesman and the wife get it on all night long, you'll have to watch the show to understand why this is my favorite, and why I say,"Don't use my a** as a scoreboard".
  • If you know what Epic Movie (2007) is (a relentless, endless barrage of bloody awful and mostly nonsensical jokes), then you have some idea how bad this is. If you don't, good, do not watch either of these movies, unless you really need to see a bunch of incredibly lame, corny and dated jokes that your grandad heard when he was a kid. Seriously, there is barely anything to see here even if you just want some titillation (other than, of course, some boobs (both in literal and pun sense), some male butts and an occasional very 70s lady bush... oh, and a TON of bestiality jokes for some reason, because animal abuse = comedy gold). However, if you really do have to know how bad these awful jokes really are, you can thankfully read all about them in great detail here on imdb in the film's synopsis section. Some of them aren't even jokes really, since they end with lines or twists that don't even begin to resemble an actual punchline.
  • I saw a bit of this on YouTube. It was uploaded in July 2016. I don't know if it is in public domain or not. Grainy '70s imagery, muffled, clipped sound. Fine for research or history, not so much for great entertainment. The jokes were ones that were considered risqué when I was quite young, some were from far before my time. Much of the "shock value" relied on nudity or the viewer's imagination.