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  • A mansion full of hot babes await a visit from the by now, one assumes, legendary Pussyman, who is vetting girls for his next movie.

    Wow! A film within the film, I hear you exclaim. What a novel idea! At least, it must be said, our intrepid hero does not film the events himself as he goes, Buttman style. The production on this film is considerably glossier than on so-called Gonzo flicks, with a steady camera, fair lighting and some imaginatively erotic angles. The scenario is no more than an excuse, of course, for a string of set pieces, a fair number being of the lesbian variety and the best involving an outdoor pool by night. The girls are by and large delightful, the fellas look like plumbers' mates.
  • Steve Drake has been hired to judge contestants to judge a "Gorgeous Pussy" contest, the winner to become lead spokesperson for something or other. This is a typical VHS era ploy where some releases were designed as transitional: casting for the "next movie", so more of a behind the scenes look than a real story line.

    Director David Christopher shows up at the end to stage a "pussy-off" between finalists Summer Knight (selected by Drake) and Jon Dough's choice of Alicia Rio (showing her butterfly-style flexible labia), in casting his next movie (and sure enough, both actresses show up in Pussyman 5".

    It should be noted that "Pussyman 3" had largely the same cast and the same "talent search" premise, so these features are largely filler.

    But the filler is impressive: beautiful girls including some of the biggest names of the day, and well-performed sex scenes. Highlights here include Celeste and Dyanna Lauren making love in the bath; an outdoor lesbian threesome in a pool at night (beautifully lit) featuring Julia Ann and Deborah Wells; an improvised-dialog gang-bang atop a pool table for the wonderful performer Debi Diamond; Lilli Xene most impressive as a dominatrix serviced by Sean Michaels and Scott Mallory; plus voluptuous Keisha servicing Drake on a stairway.
  • Again, a production that smells good the 80s with a lot of colors, hairstyle and cheap effects, bad light. But that doesn't mean that it's a poor movie! On the contrary, the content is very hot and today productions jus fail to reach it. Maybe it's because the babes were older and pro building a career... Anyway the two best scenes are lesbian fun, always with a water element: PJ plays in a threesome in a pool by night; Dyanna plays with Celeste in a bath. It's really hot with wonderful and beautiful girls who means it!