[about Takanori]

Ryuji Takayama: I wonder what future he'll have.

[Ando rushes after Ryuji]

Mitsuo Ando: Takayama! What about your boy? Don't you want him back too? We still have his cells... We could do it now!

Ryuji Takayama: I couldn't be so cruel. I couldn't bring Yoichi back into this world.

Mitsuo Ando: [stuttering] Y-you're wrong. You're wrong.

Ryuji Takayama: Ando... It will be many, many, many years before I can sleep easy.

Mitsuo Ando: There is not a man in the world who would wish his own son dead.

Mai Takano: Dr Ando, Dr Takayama didn't want Yoichi to die. He wanted to save him... for Reiko.

Ryuji Takayama: You couldn't slit your wrists but you happily tore apart me!