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  • Another Life ran for 4 years in America and can be currently seen on the Inspiration Network in the UK. Set in the fictional town of Kingsley much of the action takes place around the hospital. Central characters include the heroine of the show Terry Davidson, her evil sister Nancy Lawson and bad boy Gil Prescott. Other pivitol characters include the larger than life Ione Redlon, the reformed Miriam Carpentor-Mason and rogue Russ Weaver. The show has a deeply religous theme and the characters often find their answers to the problems they are facing through god. What makes this show special is that some of the stories are just so outrageous but are always brought to a happy conclusion. Why the show was cancelled in America I do not know but in the UK I am enjoying it very much and the show will not be forgotten!
  • I was a faithful follower of "Another Life" back in the 80's. This was a great soap opera series that was entertaining and brought the word of "God" into the mix. I felt at the time that it was competitive enough with the other soaps on the major networks. I would love to see it re-run in the U.S. It would be great to see another Christian soap opera airing in the near future! Terry Davidson was a great matriarch and her Christian values promoted this series and changed the lives of some of the viewers. I suggest that all soap opera fans give this series a glance and see if you get hooked just like the other soaps aired today. It has it's drama and comedy and romantic trysts but it shows that without "God" in your life sometimes it's hard to get over the bumps in everyday life.
  • Totally misunderstood, Another Life was on of TV's best dramas ever, capturing the lost souls of life and how they find salvation reaching outside themselves. One of the greatest dramatic actors ever Tom McGowan played Jeff Cummings with style and bravado to counter his unbelievable good looks. He alone is the greatest saving grace of this program. One wonders what ever happened to him.The reality of being human might be what eventually stopped the program. There was no place to go in the mind of the producer once the characters got"saved", believing all would be well from then on. Real life doesn't work that way.Mankind must constantly struggle and work for it's salvation. It is not a one shot deal.
  • leekusa29 January 2006
    there are a number of reasons why the show died. One, they did come up with some really strange, direction-less story lines. two, the ratings were never all that good, in part, because they were a religious program and (I don't think) they never really reflected LIFE. a lot of the characters on the show weren't written as real people. Third, and most important, Pat Robertson lost interest in the show just like he lost interest in all his other TV ventures. Once, he proclaimed that his network would help to usher in the coming of Christ. He also proclaimed his Christian Broadcasting Network was going to be a Christian alternative to the standard fare at the other networks. I guess he decided that Fox could do a better job of it when he sold it years ago. it did make him very wealthy.
  • The reason this show was cancelled is the same reason practically nobody remembers Stryper or Petra and Left Behind: The Movie was a huge bomb. When good intentioned evangelists try to use a traditionally secular medium (in this case soap opera) to try and preach the Word of God, they tend to err by assuming that anybody other than God fearin' Christians would want to watch. Nobody wants to watch a soap opera where people happily solve their issues by turning to God. They want to watch miserable people wallow in their sorrow. They want to see people stab each other in the back and just be generally nasty. This is why people watch soap operas. As the ratings for Another Life dwindled, the storylines become MORE outrageous. Some of the ones they conconcted in this show's death throes would have made Melrose Place seem sane.