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  • Warning: Spoilers
    French tale about cat and mouse "game" between cops of the Homicide Squad and a gang of professional robbers, where wild goose chases follow after wild goose chases. And, one day, the cops succeed in catching the leader of the gang after a payroll truck robbery.

    The leader - Raymond Pellegrin - and one of his men are under arrest and brought to the police headquarters. But his daughter tells the story to his boyfriend, himself the leader of a petty hoods gang. And the thugs decide to attack the police headquarters - the mighty Quai des Orfèvres - to escape the father of their leaders's fiancée.

    But the attempt fails, and the young gangsters decide to kidnap the police superintendent's brother, a soccer star, in exchange of the discharge of the big shot.

    It's a fast paced and interesting thriller, where Raymond Pellegrin is impressive in his character of good citizen, common burgess face, as well as a ruthless gangster.

    I recommend it.

    Adapted from a Auguste Le Breton novel, author of the mighty "Rififi" and "Sicilian Clan".