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  • Warning: Spoilers
    No thought and little effort went into this mediocre Adult movie, using a ghost story as its point of reference and going nowhere in a hurry.

    Peter North stars as a drifter who calls himself a poet, given a ride by beautiful P. J. Sparxx when he's hitchhiking, and she offers to put him up for the night at her ranch in the guest house.

    Upon his arrival there he's greeted by almost the entire cast, assembled there as if it were a commune or maybe the Manson Family. No, their presence is never explained in the threadbare script credited to "I. B. Smiley" (I guess the pseudonym I. P. Dailey had been already taken).

    Cal Jammer as Buck is the almost bad guy here, not really bad, just mean. He greets North with an "Are you gay?", which I took to be a porno in-joke, given Peter's few but sought-after early performances in Gay Porn.

    As promised, the ghost appears in the form of Melanie Moore, playing a woman who died of a broken heart when her man never returned from the war. She materializes and humps Jammer, and in the movie's failed attempt at a tender finale, humps North who turns out to be the ghost of her dead lover.

    Nothing much happens at this ranch, other than sex including an interracial threesome for co-star Tiffany Mynx, cast as P. J.'s older sister. North also whiles away the time in another threesome with both sisters at once. Yes, an oversexed, hardly faithful ghost.